Dragon Ball Z: The Role Of Diversity In Hollywood

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Hollywood has spent years making movies, attracting an audience and making profit from their projects, but if there’s one thing has that has been missing from Hollywood and that 's been complete diversity. Ever since Hollywood 's upbringing and even still today, the business has underplayed minority actors and actress. The start of 20th century film began with mocking African Americans with black face and playing them as immature and violent savages the majority of these films were to keep the memory of pre civil war fresh in people 's minds and to remind them of the “Good times.” Even with roles given to actual African Americans, they still degraded them, with roles of the Mammy, Loyal Butler and Servants. It was a signal to show …show more content…
Now a days it 's not like audiences are not asking for more diversity in movies in fact their was a petition back in 2010 for the next spider man reboot to star an African American spider man ( the internets choice was actor Donald Glover) but the production company Sony Studios decided to go with the traditional casting of a Caucasian Peter …show more content…
In the show “Elementry” who is often portrayed as Englishman is shown as an Asian women in the show or Will smith playing Deadshot in “Suicide Squad” are character never seen as African American.

Hollywood has undergone at least a some change in the last century from only casting minorities as the fool of the film to giving them supporting or lead roles in films,but even with the progress it still needs major work. You can still see white people mocking Asians and casting stereotypical roles to black’s Latinos and etc. Writers and directors have been more open to giving people of color leading roles in major films yes,but there still needs to work done in the industry if it is to be seen as a full turn around in diversity. Bring in more people of color

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