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  • Work Force Dilemmas

    There are dark, medium and light complexions. Our hair is curly, or coils up; it is long or short; it can be worn as an afro, or dreadlocks. But being black goes beyond the color of my skin or my hair texture. It is a culture, that comes from rich African ancestry. Historically, there has always been a bias against black hair. In the 18th century black hair was categorized closer to sheep wool than human hair. The fair skinned black women with less kinky hair – often due to planation rape – received better treatment than those with “sheep wool” hair. To this day, straight hair continues to be the preferred look for access to social and professional opportunities. No, I am not defined by my hair, but I should be able to go into an interview without corporate America deeming me unprofessional because I do not fit into the social norm of what is professionally acceptable hair…

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  • The Importance Of Dreadlocks

    Regardless of the growth and resting phases of your hair being determined by genetics, a lot of people are able to grow their hair to a length midway down the back, successfully. A maximum length of hair growth of less than one foot would be uncommon. The natural restrictions on hair growth that govern eye lashes and arm hairs and prevent them from growing too much are the basis for these measurements. Dreadlocks are usually seen as being evidence of hair growth that is unlimited, however…

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  • Personal Narrative: Just Bust

    month, Just Bust is an all ages open mic held in downtown Madison. Individuals can dance, rap, sing, or perform poetry. It is free and open to anyone who is willing to listen or perform. Just Bust is led by the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives(OMAI), whose mission is to provide innovative, culturally relevant hip-hop art programs to inspire engagement, learning, and activism for diverse communities. It is a safe environment to make yourself heard, since it is a judge free zone. I was…

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  • Afrocentric Attractiveness

    Present day African American ladies will support it by clarifying that they are not attempting to fit in with a Caucasian magnificence standard, however that they discover their common surface excessively remote; as if they have never worn it in its unique composition since adolescence. Valcin’s film, Black, Bold & Beautiful: Black women 's Hair; is a collection of interviews of African American ladies, even the maker, of assorted eras and encounters with their hair. Valcin herself chose to…

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  • Thick Hair Narrative

    Cocoa colored, kinky haired, and thick lipped: I was never fully portrayed as beautiful. If you had the dark skin tone, your hair had to be straight. If you had the kinky hair, your skin had to be lighter, for it to be beautiful. If you had the thick lips, they were either fake or you were a white model. If you had any of these qualities alone you qualified as beautiful, but if they were all together you were runner-up. Until I was in about in 4th grade I was never fully aware of this. As…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Gym

    The gym where I train and workout, the Dubuque Martial Arts Group, is a place where I know who I am. It is a place I can go to escape my problems for a while and release some stress. It's not the actual physical building, but rather the events that have occurred there over the years. It's where I have formed some of my closest friendships. It is the place I have invested years of hard work for many of my accomplishments. To some it may seem odd that a place associated with sweat, blood and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: How I Cut My Hair

    I cut my hair! I had been speculating for years now. So I finally did it! So why did I cut it?? To be honest, I just woke up one day and decide against relaxing my new growth. I haven 't relaxed my hair in 5 months and the hair really grew!! What really made me choose to cut it was just the thought of having short hair and being able to enjoy it. Past experiences with short natural hair: Childhood When I was a child in Nigeria, I 'm sure my hair was cut short, and it was probably because…

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  • Bob Marley Culture: The Stereotypes Of Jamaica

    way other people looked at our ancestors are the reason for these labels that subsist today. A group of people that a numerous quantity of stereotypes such as, being lazy, having dreadlocks, and they all…

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  • Short Hair Vs Black Men Essay

    How Black Men Looks Great With Short Hairstyles Nothing looks better as compared to a black man who has a nice but short hairstyle. Now, it is extremely fashionable to make your hair shot and of course, you have several different options. In addition, short hair permits your get ease of care and more convenience. Depending on the type of short hairstyle, which you choose from black men, your fresh look can make almost all the differences on how you look in both of your social and professional…

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  • Similarities Between Chief Keef And Famous Dex

    living with their grandmothers, and they both grew up completely broke living in the projects, encouraging them to sell drugs and run from the police. Overall, one of the obvious visual similarities is that they both have long dreadlocks. At the same time, both of these artists like to wear expensive brands, and designer clothes, so they dress similar. They both wear brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Goyard. Another one of these two rappers similarities would have to be their music style.…

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