Analysis Of Ninth Day Of The 8th Moon

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Ninth Day of the Eighth Moon,
Seventeenth Year of Recent Awakenings

In accordance with the will of Her Majesty, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Junior Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of Outer Library 's Fantasy Ball.

Carriages, Witches, and Dragons, Oh my, was what guests saw as they traversed to the Library’s Fantasy Ball on the 29th Day of the 7th Moon. Placed within the halls leading to the Theatre were many sculptures that included pumpkin carriages, grotesque witches with apples and colossal dragons. All which ser Adahn created, withal, in decoration was a regaling backdrop of the three little pigs and wolf within the theatre painted by sera Trinity.

The Ball commenced at the eighth late bell where the Head Librarian,
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On behalf of Master Geoffry and Lady Etaine, the cake was gifted to sera Eloren for all to enjoy. Turquoise and green scaled fondant overlayed the butter cream cake to make it look as glittering dragon skin. The underbelly was coated with edible gold leaf and spun sugar wings that were sprinkled with large glittering sugar crystals. When cut, the dragon would expel a puff of smoke through its nose that shocked and amazed the guests.

"I 'd also like to thank the many guilds that assisted and helped bring everything together, including the Stylists, Embinders and, Jewelers, Carpenters and Clothiers. I 'd like to especially thank Master Geoffry for all the food and Lady Etaine for the wonderful surprise of our dragon cake and their generosity of all the delicious foods." Sera Eloren would later add to her welcome speech.

As the theme of the Ball was ‘Fantasy’ there were many costumes from Fairies, Princesses, Robin Hood, Pied Piper, Maid Marion and more. Howbeit, only two costumes would win the prize for best male and female costume. Sera Eloren and Mistress Josie spent the evening getting a glimpse at all the costumes and came down to

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