The Performance Of The Prologue And Act 1 Of Sleeping Beauty

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The performance of The Sleeping Beauty took place at the Brown Theater in the Wortham Center. The performance is choreographed by Stanton Welch and the dance company is the Houston Ballet. Overall I am truly amazed of the Wortham Theatre because it is elegant and well-organized. Attending a ballet show for the first time excited me very much and seeing the quantity of ballet accessories that were being sold I came to the conclusion that the performance of The Sleeping Beauty was huge. Therefore, I expected the performance to be enthusiastic, entertaining and worth-watching. Sleeping Beauty is about a Princess named Aurora. During Princess Aurora’s christening, she is cursed by an evil fairy named Carabosse. The day of Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, she pricked her finger with a corsage that was given to her by Carabosse. For the next 100 years, Aurora and her kingdom would fall into a deep sleep and would not awake until a prince kissed Aurora. In the following essay I will analyze the Prologue and Act 1 of Sleeping Beauty by using the dance elements of force, time, body and space. …show more content…
Throughout the performance, you could hear the sound of trumpets and classical music. The fifty performers wore different costumes. Princess Aurora was dressed in an all-white gown. The queen and king used a red, gold and white gown with a crown to represent royalty. The fairies wore green, orange, purple, yellow and black tutus with pointe shoes. The performance demonstrated a classical ballet style. Their technical training is evident through the complicated jumps and excessive turns. The prologue relates to the total dance because the prologue introduces Princess Aurora as a child and how her life was affected by Carabosse until she is awaken by Prince

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