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  • Dragons Adaptive Strategies In The Iron Islands

    Dragons’ Adaptive Strategies in the Iron Islands. With just four species of dragons of the eighteen that live on the continent of Westeros, the Iron islands possess a variety of niches were these species thrive without being adapted to the same island as the others as all the populations became isolated not by space (as dragons can fly) but by habitat (different resources); also, these dragons are the best example of the adaptive radiation process as a common ancestor species from Westeros established in the different islands and each of the groups adapted to a specific island. One possible explanation to why this process started on different dragons in the islands is based on Gause’s principle of competitive exclusion as two species that have…

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  • The Rainforest Of The Komodo Dragon

    The Komodo Dragon is a large species of lizard with razor sharp claws and teeth and a long, muscular tail weighing up to 200 pounds and growing to be up to 10 feet long. One verified find was a Komodo Dragon weighing as astounding 366 pounds. These lizards are located in the Indonesian islands. Because of their large size, these lizards dominate the ecosystem in which they live. Komodo Dragons were discovered in 1910 when a pilot from World War I crashed into the Komodo Sea and swam to the…

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  • Cimorene Dragon Quotes

    In the satirical novel, “ Dealing with Dragons” by Patricia C. Wrede, the disobedient and self-reliant Cimorene refuses the typical expectations of her family and the rest of civilization. Due to the pressure and constant reminder of how “it’s simply not done” Cimorene flees her dilemma and finds shelter with the dangerous and ferocious dragon, Kazul. Cimorene was justified in ignoring the expected social norms of Medieval society because Cimorene could overlook her life, create an impact on…

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  • Narrative Essay On Red Dragon

    Everyone in the town of Red Dragon was happy, they all respected one another and never hated anything. To them ‘Hate’ was a word that they felt to be disgusting. In the town of the Red Dragons two people ruled as king and queen of the town their names were Cane and Jade. They ruled with kindness and joy towards the townsfolk. Everyone also made sure to treat their surroundings with the upmost kindness. See, they believed that everything had a voice and was able to be living. All the nature…

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  • Dragon Persuasive Essay

    Introduction Attention Getter: You and your friends are trapped in a world where dragons roam the skies, WereWolfs seek blood in the night and witches and hags look for easy prey on the outskirts of towns. Relate to Audience: Everyone has wondered what it would be like to be in a world of magic and mystery. Where God's choice mortals to fight as champions for them and Demons and Devils fight an never ending war in the underworld. Establish Credibility: I have been a big fan of adventure novels,…

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  • Dungeons And Dragon Analysis

    Introduction: The tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, has remained a cornerstone of pop culture and is more popular than ever since its creation in 1974. However, for how popular it is, the game of D&D has largely remained secluded into a certain sect of people, geeks. Since its creation, D&D has been stigmatized based on stereotypes and bias surrounding the perceived people playing (geeks and nerds) and how the game is portrayed in mainstream media. For example, in 1979 a…

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  • Dragon Rider Research Paper

    expects, so much that most do not believe me. I am the Dragon Rider, an assassin, and a mercenary; therefore, if I were to tell you that I grew up on a peaceable farm in the country with a loving father, you may find yourself asking how I got to where I am now. To answer, I should tell you a few details about my childhood and some of my life as a young woman. I will tell you about how my father was murdered, about the men that did it, and how I learned the skills I have to one day take my…

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  • Dragon Boat Racing History

    countries are more powerful at this. Ancient Chinese sports like juedixi, dragon boat racing, and cuju are able to connect and unify many people across the globe and allow barriers to be crossed throughout the world. Juedixi is an ancient form of modern day gymnastics that changed the way we do gymnastics today. The Chinese were able to take gymnastics, which were originally from England, and create its own distinct features that challenged…

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  • How To Train Your Dragon Analysis

    How to Train Your Dragon (2010) tells the story of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), a small Viking, who overcomes the prejudices against dragons he was raised with after he wounds a Night Fury. Hiccup initially seems dead set on killing his first dragon in order to garner the attention and love he wants from his friends and most importantly his village’s chief and father, Stoick (Gerard Butler.) However, upon wounding a dragon and being confronted with the choice to kill or not, Hiccup realizes that…

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  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Analysis

    Overall,I found the novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by international award winning Stieg Larsson a gripping obsession which demonstrates many compelling compartments. It captures a murder mystery,the growth of a love story and family saga’s which make an intriguing combination that develops into a satisfying and complex atmospheric novel. This novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could be highly recommended to year 12 students.This entertaining novel around the two main characters Mikael…

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