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  • Work Under Pressure Research Paper

    process. Fortunately, I have learnt some new strategies throughout my Writing 39B class. “The only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday,” said David Schlosser. After being in this class for almost 10 weeks, I have also learnt that in contemplation of becoming a better writer, we need to compare ourselves via revising drafts, glancing though feedbacks, and collating styles. On the other hand, we should learn by our mistakes, and know our weaknesses and strengths. Hence, knowing what did we do yesterday, and what the enhancements we have made today are the best solutions to develop ourselves in writing. By writing RA essay, I was exposed to the method called "drafting." Drafting is a new strategy I have learnt in my writing class. When I was in high school back home, I usually just wrote down my ideas and edited it without creating a new draft. However, I found this strategy very useful, due to the fact that if I create a new draft every times I make changes, I will always have a chance to go back and look what mistakes did I make in the previous draft. Thus, I can learn from those mistakes, and remind myself to be aware of them in the future; therefore, I would say that I still use this strategy throughout my whole writing process. Talking of mistakes, in my midterm portfolio, I did make some mistakes in several sections. Nonetheless, I did not regret, whereas I conceive that this…

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  • Writing Skills Reflection

    I started a new format when writing papers; I realized I tend to be un-organized with my thoughts when presented with a new assignment. In order to combat this problem I found the most helpful thing for me to do is to create an outline. Brainstorming or outlining ensures that I will not leave out important details out of my papers. I also started to write multiple drafts, prior to my sophomore year I never drafted when I wrote a paper. Drafting allows me to edit and revise my papers. In the…

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  • Don Murray: The Writing Process

    Then I go to the writing center which is on the fourth floor of the library and ask a member of the writing group to look over the draft for any mistakes that I made. After editing, I realize that where I have left out the details. My second draft is always better than my first. When I am finished, I check to make sure my commas are in the right place and my grammar is okay. Then I am ready to turn it in. I will never get bored If I do it again and again as Wayne C. Booth acknowledge that in the…

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  • Let's Draft Our Kids By Thomas Ricks

    current state of drafting. He appeals to all his readers questions and concerns. By conveying well thought out statics and thoughtful persona he assures you that we have space for all the teenages. As a matter a fact they are needed to do many jobs aside from being in the battlefield. Not just answering the do we have space question he also elaborates on one of the most important factors, money. Previously said, he tells you that we will be saving billions and not in just money but in lives too.…

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  • Peer Reflection: The Writing Process

    Instead of rushing headlong into a paper and writing it all in one sitting, working through the writing process actually forced me to stop and thoroughly read every source to find what information I agreed/disagreed with. Pre-writing helped to pinpoint what my beliefs/ideas were in both the personal culture paper as well as the quote-directed paper. Peer review and tutoring really helped to improve the conciseness of my papers, drawing all my thoughts and ideas into clear, cohesive paragraphs…

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  • A Career In Technical Theater

    painting and drafting. The first, scenic painting is the one I had the most experience with coming into. To find employment opportunities dealing with scenic painting I went to google and typed in “jobs that require scenic painting.” Surprisingly, I found more than I would have thought. On indeed.com I found positions for an on-call scenic technician, technical assistant/stage manager, and even an art director at universal studios. All of these jobs required more than just scene painting, but…

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  • Analyzing The Article 'Revising' By Joseph Harris

    “Revising” In Joseph Harris’s article, “Revising”, Harris emphasizes the differences between drafting, revising, and editing, and the impact that each of these elements has on drafting a well-written paper. Harris dubbs the first step “drafting”, or formulating the content of the paper. Drafting involves the development of ideas into a larger body of text that can be easily followed. The next step in this process is “revising”, or further developing and adjusting the current body of text.…

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  • The Four Strategies Affecting The Writing Process

    There are four processes of writing ; planning, drafting, revising and editing (Reep : 9). Each writing process will have different strategy. Moreover, the strategy in each will have a link to other process. For instance, planning will link to drafting, then drafting will link to revising, and revising will link to…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Reinsurance Contract

    in their meaning to include a reference to the binder. This exhibits how limited the traditional drafting methods adopted is in achieving its objective of ensuring that the reinsurance contract is on the same terms as the underlying insurance. 4.3 No Standard Form Moreover, there has been no standard form of the incorporation clause. They differ significantly in their drafting. It is, therefore, vital to pay meticulous attention to the specific words being used as experiences with case…

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  • Writing Process Steps

    The Steps to the Writing Process Have you ever written a paper and followed the writing process correctly? There are five major steps and many small details that go into writing a paper. The paper can be easily written if the simple steps to the writing process are followed. The first step to the writing process is pre-write, the step where ideas are formed. After the pre-write comes drafting when the ideas previously formed are written down to make the first copy. Once the first draft is…

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