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  • The Importance Of Drag Queens

    A drag is a man impersonating a woman for the purpose of entertainment or finding self-identity. Rupp & Taylor (2003) suggest that “….drag can serve as a catalyst for changing values, ideas, and identities in twenty-first-century society” (p.6). Even though society believes that the men who participate as Drag queens are a disgrace to society, these men endlessly continues to use it as a creative way of self-expression and finding their identity. Drag queen can be found across the country entertaining at alternative clubs and gay venues. Often times, their boldness is seen as a threat in society which can potentially bring harm upon themselves by experiencing discrimination and abuse. Nonetheless, they do not allow such act to deter their ability to entertain and being a contributing member in society. Drag queens challenges the notation that gender performances is assigned to a specific sex by showing that it is merely misconceptions. Gender is something that can be actively achieved but it requires time and effort to produce. Many people view the shows as strictly entertainment, while dismissing the message conveyed, though often political through…

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  • Musical Influence On Society Essay

    From the era of society I grew up in, I know this isn 't true, because it is transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids, which anyone, gay or straight, could obtain. The musicals i will be discussing go into these themes more to show people what 's actually going on. The musical La Cage Aux Follies, the major themes are homophobia and cross dressing. The two main characters are George and Albin, George owns a drag nightclub called La Cage Aux Follies, and Albin is a drag queen and the…

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  • A Christmas Wonderland Drag Analysis

    Wonderland, a drag show made up of some of RuPaul’s most talent drag queens such as; Roxxxy Andrews, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Naomi Smalls and many others. This was unlike any drag show I had been to before because instead of being in a small bar with limited seating and dingy lighting, it was in a real performance hall where the Nutcracker was being performed the following week. The first thing I immediately noticed was just how many different kinds of people there were that came to see the…

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  • The Legend Of Georgia Mcbride Analysis

    's just found out his wife is going to have a baby, and now Casey has lost his gig as an Elvis impersonator.” (Arden Theatre PlayBill) This quote from the Arden’s PlayBill perfectly expresses the adventure and change Casey experiences to become a drag queen. Throughout the play the character of Casey is brought into a new world and lifestyle. From beginning to end, he completely alters his idea of the drag…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Drag Race

    RuPaul 's Drag Race is one of many American reality competition television shows that debuted in 2009. The show focuses on drag queens and their ability to showcase their “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” through a variety of challenges: acting, costume construction, modelling, fashion forwardness and more are assessed by a panel of judges, including host and titular drag superstar, RuPaul. Drag queens have always been central to the lgbtq rights movement, tied to the Stonewall riots and…

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  • The Stonewall Riots

    The movie cheapens the significance of the events that took place. As a movie set around one of the biggest movements of the 20th century, it does a horrendously inaccurate job at showing the movement even as part of the background. The movie’s cast is almost entirely Caucasian with a few token minorities thrown in it for. “representation”. However, Stonewall was a movement made of mostly people of colour with a large variety of looks and body types. They were the people of colour, the drag…

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  • Intersectionality In Kinky Boots Sparknotes

    Kinky Boots is a film based on a true story about a shoe factory running out of business and the factory owner, Charlie Price, has to find a way to save the business. This movie is based on a true story and also displays multiple examples of intersectionality. One major example of intersectionality displayed would be Lola as she was a drag queen as well as African American. Both of these identities found in Lola shaped her life and how she was treated. When Charlie brought Lola into his…

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  • Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Analysis

    Priscilla queen of the desert is a musical about the journey of two drag queens and a transgender woman on their way to a drag performance from Downtown Australia to Alice Springs, Australia on a pink glittery bus. Throughout their journey, the three encounter many strange people, places and situations, which they handle with a comedic grace. The performance given by all the actors and actresses in Priscilla Queen of the desert were outstanding. The energy the characters had on a calm Sunday…

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  • Drag Race Study Guide

    RuPaul’s Drag Race Discuss some of the ways in which the queens challenged normative understandings of sexuality and gender =OR= discuss also how the jocks both perpetuated and challenged normative performances of masculinity. In Drag Race, queens challenge the normative understanding of sexuality and gender. The queens showed so much pride in being drag queens and show that being straight is common, it is not something special. This challenges our understanding of sexuality because most trans…

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  • Drag Queen Gender Roles

    I struggle to understand why anyone would go and see a drag queen play a leading lady in musical theatre.” (Barnes, 2015. 119) The purpose of this dissertation is to discuss the portrayal of drag queens within musical theatre and how, if any, societies perceptions have changed over the last 40 plus years. This research will be revised between 1970 to the present day, which will include case studies from three major plays/films and one television show. Those being discussed will include, The…

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