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  • Cross-Dressing Analysis

    In her article “Performing Genres: Sarah Edmonds’ Nurse and Spy and the Case of the Cross-Dressed Text”, Jane E. Schultz discusses the interconnection between the form and the content of Sarah Edmonds’s book Soldier, Nurse and Spy (1864). She begins with the general information about the text and proceeds to the phenomenon/issue of cross-dressing as the main distinction/characteristic of the given story. According to Schultz, Edmonds’s book is one of the first stories of cross-dressed women during the American Civil War (73): it was published in 1864, during the War, and was sold in the quantity over 175,000 copies. The idea of cross-dressed women in American literature seems to be yet older; Edmonds book has such fictional antecedents as The…

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  • Jane Simpson Newspaper Article Analysis

    Oram examined the role of the press in creating a commercial product out of the cross-dressers and shaping ‘a shared lexicon for the public discourse of sex and scandal’. She finds the articles often carried humorous tone throughout, downplaying the idea that these women were in any way seriously challenging masculinity in public spaces. This comes across clearly in the terminology used, as females ' cross-dressing was most often referred to as a ‘masquerade’, implying it to be more of a…

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  • Early Nineteenth-Century Gender Roles

    The definition of what makes a woman a woman or a man a man was challenged, by certain women who would cross-dress, or have male reproductive organs; this also brings up the question of what defines one’s sexuality. For example, in 1901 a woman by the name of Caroline Hall, dressed up as a man to fit in to contemporary society, and maintained a relationship with a wife (Hoffert 392). This example of cross-dressing, brings up the two issues of gender identification, and sexuality; which were…

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  • Musical Influence On Society Essay

    for your entertainment. Which is true, but there are some musicals thought to have changed the way society sees things. Is it possible these musicals influenced the minds of their audiences? Or did the musicals just make them aware of certain situations happening around that time. I believe that the musicals did influence society and brought awareness to the important themes they were trying to portray. Some of the themes the musicals were portraying were, racism, cross dressing, homophobia and…

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  • Tragicomic Fun Home Analysis

    In her family tragicomic Fun Home, author and cartoonist Alison Bechdel writes about her dysfunctional family, struggles with her sexuality, and her relationship with her father. In the fourth chapter of her book, Bechdel illustrates the similarities between herself and her father, Bruce Bechdel. Her discovery of her Dad’s hidden photos reveals the underlying secrets that she and he both share. This discovery also identifies the characteristics that translate from Bruce to Alison Bechdel such as…

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  • The Legend Of Georgia Mcbride Analysis

    since he had no prior knowledge of drag shows versus the transgender community, as well as, the various sexual orientations of participants. Throughout my time at pride I got to see many drag performances much like in the play. The cultures between transgender and transsexuals often ends up blending into the same grouping, especially to those who are not as knowledgeable of the diversity within the two associations. There are many distinct differences and beliefs within both groups. The…

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  • My 8 Plot Ideas

    I know these plots ideas are not the best thing ever, but we can expand off of those ideas and I have no problem if you want to change a role or go with a different idea. My first plot idea is where a crossdressing secretary that is used to having a good amount of money is going broke, due to his spending habits or maybe he suffered a setback. Not wanting to lose his lifestyle, he decides to meet with his boss 's son who agrees to lend her some money if he develops a relationship with him.…

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  • Crucifixion In The Dream Of The Rood

    remember the story of the crucifixion and how it made them feel. The emphasis is on the cross and the loyalty is gives to Christ. To connect with his audience, the narrator breaks his dream into three parts. To get the full effect, we must remember how the story of the crucifixion made us feel. Dream of the Rood is similar to Christian George Stevens’ The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) because both show commitment to the cross. The GSET takes the most time on the scene of the crucifixion,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dream At The University Of Vernon Hill

    great-grandparents moved to a three-decker house on Vernon Hill. They sought a better life for their children by stressing the importance of education as the key to social and economic mobility. Three generations later, I am a rising sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross, located within a few miles of this neighborhood. Although I am living the American dream, I am keenly aware that many are not blessed with the opportunities that I have been given. In…

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  • Examples Of Aggressive Behavior

    2. Identified Challenging Behavior & Operational Definition • Challenging Behavior: Physical Aggression • Operational Definition: When Tim doesn’t get his way or tries to get someone’s attention, he will often use physical aggression (hit, pull hair, spit) to meet his needs. 3. Hypothesis • Tim is displaying physically aggressive behavior to get attention from his peers. 4. Identified Target Behavior & Operational Definition • Target Behavior: Ask to Play • Operational Definition: When Tim…

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