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  • Complications Of HIV: What Is HIV?

    What is HIV? Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a Lentivirus from the family Retroviridiae[1] ,which infects CD4+ T cells, dendritic cells and macrophages[2]. This results in a loss in immune function and eventually acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) when CD4+ cell count is very low[3]. There were approximately 1.5 million deaths in 2013 as a result of HIV-related causes[4] , many of these deaths occur due to the immune system being too weak to defend itself against opportunistic infections [5]. HIV has 2 different forms, HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-2 is less virulent and also less infective, limiting it to West Africa because of its lower transmission rate[6] . HIV-1 is further divided into M,N, O and P groups, with M being the pandemic…

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  • Essay On HIV: The Final Stage Of HIV

    HIV Jennifer Raymond Kaplan University HIV The human immunodeficiency virus is commonly referred to as HIV. HIV is a virus that causes damage or kills the body’s immune system cells (HIV/AIDS, 2016). While it is attacking the immune system, HIV destroys CD4 positive T cells, which is a type of white blood cell that is extremely vital to fighting off infection (Understanding HIV/AIDS). The most advanced stage, or more commonly referred to as the “final stage” of HIV, is AIDS; which stands…

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  • HIV In Society

    diseases there is one which progressively affects millions of people. HIV is a deadly disease that has changed the world by taking millions of lives. Because HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, raising awareness, as introducing new methods for a safer sex is as vital as finding a cure. “HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a lentivirus that causes the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening…

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  • HIV Prevalence

    the many pandemics that have hit the world at large is HIV/AIDS. The deadly virus has claimed many lives in the recent past. However, increased knowledge on how to combat the virus and ways to prevent infection by the virus has played a significant role in reducing HIV prevalence. This paper presents an array of HIV-related issues including the global statistics of HIV prevalence, U.S ranking on HIV prevalence, efforts made by World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies to combat HIV and…

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  • Criminalization Of HIV

    criminalization of the knowing exposure of HIV before unprotected sex. However, as I read through serval of my empirical research articles, I noticed that a lot of the studies dealing with the criminal transmission of HIV and have been increasing HIV exposure. First, future research that will reduce the spread of HIV should include how the rates of sexually transmitted diseases impact the public health systems and practices; if these practices are enforced after a high-risk infection then this…

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    HIV/AIDS is an immunodeficiency virus that attacks the body 's cell. HIV/AIDS are not two separate diseases, they are just two different stages of the same disease, AIDS being the more severe of the two. HIV or human immunodeficiency virus affects and attacks specific cells within the human body, weakening the immune system. AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the final stage of the HIV infection, and not everyone progresses to this stage of HIV. “AIDS is the stage of infection that…

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  • Overview Of HIV

    HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This is a virus that attacks the immune system. Originally isolated in Paris in May 1983 by Luc Montagnier, HIV belongs to a group of viruses called retroviruses. Viruses copy their genetic material into the genetic material of human cells, meaning infected cells stay infected for the rest of their lives. Viruses cannot replicate outside a living cell. When a virus replicates, it may do so with accuracy or with error (known as a mutation). Because of…

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  • HIV Aids

    According to research, HIV aids has so far affected about seventy million people, among which, thirty-five million people have succumbed to the disease. The study explains the methods of acquiring the virus, how it affects the health of an individual as well as the effects it has on the nation as a whole. HIV attacks the CD4 cells that are responsible for protecting the body against infections and illnesses. Some of the modes of transmission of HIV are as a result of contact with body fluids…

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    more effort in the use of newspaper, radio, television, posters, roadside billboards, drama and songs contests to disseminate information about HIV and AIDS to the general public. Public information campaign should aim at: 1. Increasing knowledge and concern about HIV and AIDS. 2. Promoting safer sexual behavior thus reducing the sexual transmission of HIV. 3. Encouraging respect and compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS…

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  • Hiv Essay

    community to drink hot tea in the dead of the night from roots and shrubs to cure an infected person of a disease undiagnosed as Hiv but with fevers symptoms and signs of someone really sick it had to be a condition of the gods. But the evolution of science has proven over the years that this not only what is a Virus is…

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