Antiretroviral drug

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  • The Importance Of HIV And Aids

    This process, called passive immunization, involves infusing antibodies into an individual’s blood. Human trials are underway and researchers are hopeful that this approach with help prevent, treat and possibly cure HIV. An experiment was done where four different doses of an HIV antibody called 3BNC117 were given to 29 people, of which 17 are HIV positive. Of these infected participants, 15 were not taking any antiretroviral drugs at the time of the study. Eight participants were given an infusion of the highest dose of antibody. Results showed that the amount of virus in their blood was reduced significantly for 28 days. Although the results were impressive, much work needs to be done to determine if the effects are long-lasting. Previous studies showed that this approach reduced levels of HIV in monkeys and mice, but did not work well in humans. This was due to the use of an older generation of antibodies that could not neutralize against a broad range of HIV. For the past decade, researchers have been looking for antibodies that neutralize a wide variety of HIV and have found one; 3BNC117 belongs to this…

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  • HIV And Psychosocial Implications

    Many people fall into a state of depression and denial. Depression and HIV make life hard for those diagnosed. Depression can lead to additional problems, such as failure to take the life-saving antiretroviral medications. It is not advised to self-treat depression with natural remedies, because there may be harmful side effects when mixed with the HIV medication being used. The depression needs to be treated properly by a mental health physician. The overall health and longevity of people…

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  • AIDS In South Korea

    “ In South Korea, about 20 types of antiretroviral drugs are used in the treatment of patients with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Since 2010, raltegravir, etravirine, and darunavir have been spotlighted as new drugs for highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)-experienced adults with resistant HIV-1 in South Korea--- Therefore, these antiretroviral drugs together with other newly introduced antiretroviral drugs are interesting for the optimal treatment of…

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  • History Behind HIV/AIDS

    That means one out of five people with HIV do not know they have it, which leads to about 56,ooo new HIV infections each year. This is why HIV is such a public health concern; people do not know that they have obtained the virus or that they are spreading the virus to others. In Indiana there is a huge HIV outbreak happening. The governor had decided to implement a needle exchange, which is a form of control. The needle exchange is a social service that allows drug users to obtain clean needles.…

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  • HIV/AIDS Public Health Policy

    Specifically, Tanzania is also not using widely medications recommended for treatment of HIV and in fact had only begun to implement WHO recommendation regarding phase-out of the antiretroviral drug stavudine in 2011 (Avert, 2012). The availability of qualified healthcare workers is a major issue in Egypt. According to Redvers (2014), “medical students get only two hours of HIV training during their six years of medical school…some students thought bathing more often prevented HIV and swimming…

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  • Analysis Of HIV: A Possibility Of A Cure On The Rise

    this happen HIV can develop into AIDS which is the final stage of HIV infection. It is possible to never progress to AIDS and this is possible if you seek treatment. Antiretroviral Therapy helps to keep the HIV virus low within your body, this treatment involves taking a specific combination of medicines every day. By partaking in treatement an HIV positive individual is able to live longer and reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to others. However, not everyone who has HIV either knows they…

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  • The Different Causes Of HIV/AIDS In South Africa

    There is a new treatment called Antiretroviral (ARV) therapy that has been introduced to South Africa. This therapy requires you to take three ARV drugs. This does not cure the infection but it does allow you to live longer and healthier. The treatment can also help prevent the spreading of the viruses. There have been any advances in ARV drugs since the first drug used to treat HIV came out, zidovudine. These HIV medicines prevent HIV from multiplying, which reduces the amount of HIV in your…

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  • Hiv Case Study

    immunity and T cell immunity. Another reason why HIV is difficult to kill is that HIV can go latent in host genomes therefore it is not affected by antiretroviral drugs. 5. DC-SIGNS are lectins on dendritic cells. When the virus enters the body it will first bind to the DC-SIGN in which it is not affected therefore the virus can move to the lymph nodes to infect Th cells by binding to them. This enhances the ability of the virus to infect human cells because it can move the virus to other…

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  • AIDS In South Africa

    It is commonly treated with antiretroviral medications which aim to keep the HIV virus from progressing into AIDS and help keep the virus at check. They have to be taken every day and usually a combination of several drugs are taken at time. This form of therapy is called Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) and aims to prevent the virus from rapid mutation. More than 20 antiretroviral drugs have been developed6. The main problem in the treatment that is not readily available for all…

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  • Immunodeficiency Virus: A Case Study

    The fist treatment for HIV was called AZT in 1987. Later on approximately more than 30 drugs were approved to treat people with HIV/AIDS and many more are under development. Currently there are five different HIV drugs that are classified to attack the virus at different points of the cycle. Taking three different medications controls the virus better and protects the immune system. This process is called Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). Some examples of antiretroviral medications include…

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