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  • Antonio The Merchant Of Venice Essay

    about the penalty, a pound of Antonio 's flesh, but he can’t find any lawful way of freeing Antonio from his bond. Shylock entered the court and the Duke told him that all of the men gathered there expect him to pardon Antonio and forgive the debt. The Duke expected Shylock to forgive Antonio out of mercy, pity, and humanity. He undoubtedly thought Shylock was being cruel after his many recent losses, and that he would eventually forgive Antonio. Out of love, Shylock should forgive Antonio for some of the things that he had done. He had even sent the greatest merchant out of business, which is something to be proud of. I agree with the Duke, and I feel like Antonio should have been forgiven. It was ridiculous to cut a pound…

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  • Bassanio Is A Racist Character Of Antonio

    “I like not fair terms and a villains mind”-William Shakespeare. In the play Merchant by William Shakespeare, Bassanio, a young Venetian merchant, seeks to borrow three thousand ducats to win over Portia, a wealthy woman. Bassanio turns to Antonio, whom is a longtime friend as well as a wealthy merchant. Although Antonio does not have the money on deck for Bassanio to borrow because Antonio’s ships are already at sea, Antonio allows Bassanio to borrow money as credit under Antonio’s name. As…

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  • Analysis Of Smooth Criminal By Antonio Vivavenson

    The first excerpt I have chosen is “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson one of the world’s most popular artist. In this excerpt Michael excites the crowd with his extraordinary dances moves. The music is very upbeat and the beat pretty much stays the same throughout the song. The second excerpt I found was a performance of “It’s Gonna Be Me” by NSync. In this excerpt you can hear the crowd screaming as soon as the group hits the stage. This excerpt you see a boy group singing and doing a…

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  • Antonio Gramsci's Concept Of Cultural Hegemony In The Early 20th Century

    Antonio Gramsci Introduction Antonio Gramsci was born on January 22 of 1891, in Sardinia, Italy. Gramsci’s journey began in 1915 where he became a journalist for the Italian Socialist Party. However, it was not until 1921 when Gramsci had become a prominent member of the party which split into the Italian Communist Party. On November 8th of 1926 he was arrested for speaking against fascism. Gramsci’s familiarity began in the confine of Regina Coeli prison. His long sentence resulted in his…

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  • Analysis Of Antonio Machado's 'Last Night As I Was Sleeping'

    The Journey of a Changed Heart Enlightenment generally comes in increments and rarely with the flash of the proverbial light bulb switching on. Scripture portrays truth as coming “line upon line, here a little, there a little” (The Holy Bible). Within Antonio Machado’s poem “Last Night As I Was Sleeping,” the reader travels through one person’s journey of religious awakening through the use of metaphor, diction, and symbolism. The poem describes baptism, conversion from wickedness to…

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  • The Merchant Of Venice Is Shylock A Hero Or A Villain Analysis

    "The Merchant of Venice," religion plays a big part in early 1600s venetian society. The antagonist, Shylock, is an extremely religious man who lets his vengeance get the better of him. Throughout the play Shylock was constantly being treated badly because of his religion. Shylock is viewed as the villain in the play because he is a Jew but is actually the victim because of negative actions done onto him by others. When negotiating a deal with Antonio, Shylock gives him the opportunity to…

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  • The Jew Of Malta And The Merchant Of Venice

    feelings towards the Christians. In The Merchant of Venice, Shylock states in his opening scene that he hates Antonio ‘for he is a Christian’ (1.3.37). In The Jew of Malta, Barabas would prefer to be hated by the Christians than to be ‘pitied in a Christian poverty’ (1.1.112) and he believes that their faith bears only ‘malice, falsehood, and excessive pride’ (1.1.116). Thirdly, both Shylock and Barabas are subjects to prejudice remarks and racism because they are Jewish. In both The Merchant…

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  • Is Shylock A Hero Or A Villain Essay

    Merchant of Venice, Shylock, a Jewish money lender, is a villain in which we should be aware of. The first example we see this is in 1: 3 when Shylock reveals his hatred for Antonio for his religion, Christianity. However most of all Shylock despise Antonio for lending money without any interest. This shows that Shylock hates Antonio for no legitimate reasons. Being a Christian is not something that is to be hated upon. Lending money without gaining profit is a decision that one comes with, free…

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  • Theme Of Risk In The Merchant Of Venice

    Risk is a situation that involves the possibility of exposure to dangers. Risks exist everywhere, even the most minute of actions can place someone in jeopardy. It is an inescapable labyrinth that plagues the lives of all ever since the dawn of humanity. Yet its double-edged sword like characteristics of also providing opportunities and gains keeps many enthralled in it. In William Shakespeare 's The Merchant of Venice, Antonio, a protagonist, gives himself over to a life-threatening contract…

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  • Duplicity In The Merchant Of Venice Analysis

    named Antonio who has a friend named Bassanio. He needs to borrow money to marry a wealthy beautiful maiden named Portia. To get this money Antonio has to get a loan from a jew named Shylock. Throughout the play, characters that used duplicity, affected the outcome of the plot by changing it in a way to work in their favor. A misinterpreted character is Portia, because society saw her as a woman of beauty and riches, and is a prisoner under the control of men. Throughout the play, Portia is able…

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