Hmong customs and culture

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  • Ethnocentrism In Hmong's Culture

    Ethnocentrism is the attitude of considering one’s own culture as superior and as the right one, and looking down on other cultures. Ethnocentrism leads to valuing certain beliefs and behaviors that people share in a community and ethnocentric people believe that their way of living and behavior is the natural and normal way. Hmong people migrated to the United States from Laos to escape the ongoing war, and their culture and beliefs collided with American cultural in several ways. Hmong’s and American’s beliefs differ about medicine, authority and raising children. The Hmong have struggled throughout history to preserve their unique culture fighting especially against Chinese dominance. And the primary reason for their migration to the United…

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  • Hmong Culture Analysis

    The Hmong people have endured the persecution and killing of their people. They have experienced the oppression and hardships involved in immigrating to a new country with new customs and new values. It is not a surprise that the Hmong culture is gradually decreasing as time goes by (Nursing 220, 2016). The younger generations growing up in America are not as inclined to learn about the old customs (The Split Horn, 2001). It the future, there will not be many people left to teach the young Hmong…

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  • Summary Of The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down '

    that exemplify the barriers and obstacles people from distinct cultures encounter due to their ethnocentrism and lack of cultural relativism. After escaping to the U.S., a place completely different from what they called home, the Lees had to adapt and place their trust on strangers (to save their daughter) who viewed a condition with spiritual origin to the Hmong as a neurological disorder that had to be stopped rather than controlled. As a result, treating Lia’s epilepsy caused contradictory…

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  • Similarities Between The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

    In the Hmong culture, this phrase literally translates to, quag, meaning to fall over with one’s roots still in ground, dab, which refers to a soul-stealing spirit, and peg, to catch or hit. Apparently, since Lia’s older sister Yer slammed the front door of their apartment shut, the noise of this incident frightened her soul much to the point that it had fled. Lia’s first seizure as the parents have interpreted it as quag dab peg, is not thought of as anything being potentially dangerous or life…

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Theory Analysis

    The underlying theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is cognitive and behavioral theories. Cognitive theory deals with schemas or core beliefs that every person possesses. Core beliefs come from the way a person is raised by their family members and include culture, values, and morals. It is the way they have been raised to view the world since birth. These beliefs are ingrained into each family member. Behaviors are believed to be taught through the environment (Chilcott, 2013). There are…

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  • Hmong Gender Roles

    dependent, weak and passive. On the other hand, men perceived as independent, strong and dominant. These traits define the roles of gender, but it impacts one culture more than others. The majority of the Hmong populations are people who lived in the hills of Laos. Large groups of Hmong people lived in poverty, had no or little education, and survived on farming. They are independent people who cared most for the survival of their family, thus; they do anything to make ends meet. The Americans…

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  • Analysis Of The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

    Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is the tragic story of a young Hmong girl named Lia who suffers from epilepsy and who was the victim of a cultural collision and misunderstanding between her Hmong parents and her American doctors in Merced, California. The story follows Lia’s family, the Lees, as they navigate the American culture and system while maintaining strong ties with their traditions, practices, and rituals. The author, Anne Fadiman, uses the battle between the doctors of Merced and…

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  • Rationality In Western Culture

    Western culture’s fascination with the thinking rationally stems back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century intellectual movement: The Enlightenment. The term rational is defined as “based on or derived from reason or reasoning, esp. as opposed to emotion, intuition, instinct, etc” (Oxford). Rationality was heralded as the answer to all problems and the path to a perfect society; while these views are considered extreme in today’s culture, reason is still viewed as mostly infallible. In The…

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  • Hmong Culture Vs American Culture

    Catches You and You Fall Down explores the relationship between the Hmong culture and the American culture; in particular the differences in medicine. Medicine has been a difficult subject to understand and master; moreover it becomes almost impossible if the person was raised in an entirely different culture than that of western medicine. This book discusses what it was like from both sides; the Hmong and those of the western doctors what it is like to deal with each other when it involves a…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Green Bay Culture

    Throughout the years I’ve always found it easier to look at a culture and notice its unique features compared to fully understanding my own. Growing up in a rural community of Green Bay, Wisconsin presented me with minimal experiences of other cultures making this particular assignment incredibly intriguing for me. My parents grew up very poor and neither of them had much when they moved to Green Bay, both of them had to work extremely hard to get to where they are today. Because of this they…

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