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  • Conformity In Jack Kerouac's The Vanishing American Hobo

    disenfranchised by changing laws and technology which deem their way of life obsolete and are forced to conform or perish. Nowhere is system of conformity anthologized than in Jack Kerouac’s 1960 Essay, “The Vanishing American Hobo” when the author confesses, “I myself was a hobo but I had to give it up around 1956 because of increasing television stories about the abominableness of strangers with packs passing through by themselves…

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  • Rail Hopping Culture

    “Tramps, Hobos, Beats and Crusties” There is something romantic about hearing the sound of a train in the distance. It has a way of enticing the imagination--it conjures up sepia images of hardship and freedom, and leaves us with an unexplained longing. It is as if the railroad links us to our country’s past, a nostalgic reminder that some things never change. In 2008 I spent the better part of a year hopping freight and hitchhiking from Maine to Washington. Although I only rode a handful of…

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  • Trains And Hobos Essay

    Trains and Hobos: Behind the Scenes of the Great Depression Walter Ballard once said, “There was so many people on it, it looked like blackbirds,” when he was talking about a train as he was train hopping (Ganzel). Many people who had nothing and wanted to start over became hobos (Ganzel). Throughout the Great Depression, many hobos relied on trains, so they didn’t have to walk to other towns. During the Great Depression, trains were used for transportation and provided jobs to many people, but…

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  • When A Hobo Went Wrong

    B. According to the facts, he was a hobo and he was hitching a ride on a railroad train. If he was a hobo then it was reasonably foreseeable that he could not afford to get a ride on the train the proper way and would try to get a ride an alternative way. Railroad officials should have anticipated that hobos could be around and they should have thought about how they would deal with hobos and other people who couldn’t afford a ride. The hobo was hitching a ride on a railroad train and that is a…

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  • Wild Cheryl Srayed Analysis

    getting riled up during an argument—like other extroverts. A tired Strayed hiked fifty miles on the PCT and wants to hitch a ride to town. A man—noticing her presence—decides to stop and interview her for a column on the hobo lifestyle. At first she is worried about his intentions, but realizing he’s harmless she says, “I’m not a hobo.” After correcting him politely on what she’s doing, the man asks a few more questions and insists she’s a hobo. Adding a little more bark this time, she repeats,…

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  • Inhumanities Of War In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

    One of the characters is the Hobo, who was confined with Billy in the box car, while they were being transported as prisoners of war. The box car was very crowded, “German prisons everywhere were absolutely full, and there was no longer any food for the prisoners to eat, and no longer any fuel to keep them warm. And yet-here came more prisoners” (69). Through these horrifying conditions the hobo kept repeating, “This ain’t nothing at all” (70). The hobo later dies in the box car and his last…

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  • The Importance Of Individualism In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

    could have easily spoken out but his fears kept holding him back from living his life the way he wanted to. The Book people are like Faber, although they have lived their lives openly as individuals. They are still shut away like Faber but they are shunned from coming out of their camps in the Wilderness. This group reads books and keeps them in mind, before the members burn them. They identify themselves as a part of literature because each one reads one book and learns it by heart to bring…

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  • Homeless Informative Speech

    to get by. and they're are charities that help these people as well. but what we need for homeless people is the opportunity for them to see not just a government like donation but a more human way to help them get back the confidence to reach their dreams. 5 In the past homeless teenagers had no resources for help, basically if your homeless your screwed. but today you have resources to find a way to get a job or if your not old enough you can be given to a foster home. so today just because…

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  • Why Have African Americans Faced In The 1930's Segregation?

    group of white hobos, and two white girls. It all began on a train. One huge cause that led to the Scottsboro Trials was when the two women’s hopped out of the train. These women’s went by the name of Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. This cause can be known as a huge cause because if it were not for them, then the young black males would not have been sentence to court, and fight for their lives there. Although the police did arrest the black males for raping the two women, there have been…

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  • Theme Of Earphones In Fahrenheit 451

    Without Mildred overdosing we wouldn’t get a feel for hoe depressed and boring this society really is. Without the earphones, we wouldn’t understand how advanced this story is and the point Ray Bradbury is trying to get across of what is becoming of future generations. Lastly, without the hobos, this story would be boring, sad, depressed, and more of a surprise, and would give the story way less meaning. In conclusion, these three symbols play huge key roles in the story and “Fahrenheit 451”…

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