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  • Hockey Vs Ice Hockey

    More notably there are far less players on the ice at one time. In an NHL game there are six players on the ice at the time, 5-center ice and one goal tender. In ice hockey the arena is much less crowded, and a less variety of skills than in footy. However due to the fact that the game takes place on ice there is much more skill and dexterity on ice that requires much more training. However, the actions done in hockey are quite repetitive, only navigating, passing, and shooting a puck with a hockey stick. However ice hockey seems to breed much more aggression than with footy. Players seem to be more aggressive with their opponents to gain control of the puck, and more so every player for themselves, when in the AFL fellow team mates seem to be more collectively supportive to their teammates. Last, playing ice hockey requires very good coordination to be able to control the puck on ice, but to also maintain there own coordination very slippery ice. By watching closely it seems that in Australian rules Football, with more players on the field there seems to be a more cooperative team environment where all players work to defend members on their team, where in the NHL there are less players, but more aggressive and militaristic with one another, and any altercation between players is more visibly one on…

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  • How To Play Hockey

    of physical activity was hockey. Like many other children from my community in Kingston, hockey has been a true passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My father was the one who introduced hockey into my life at a young age, as he did for my older brother Andrew as well. Growing up, my father would dedicate many winter days and nights building and maintaining an outdoor rink in our backyard. The three of us would spend countless hours back there after school and on weekends throughout the…

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  • Fighting In Hockey

    In the National Hockey League (NHL), fighting is a culture that has been a part of the sport for over a century and deserves to be forever glorified due to the excitement it delivers on witnessing fans and players that love to drop the gloves, or also known as fighting. The NHL has been around since 1917, and since then, dropping the gloves has been somewhat inevitable. Though fighting on the streets or in public is frowned upon, it is encouraged during a game of professional ice hockey.…

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  • Cause Of Violence In Hockey

    As Jonathon Gatehouse has reported in his article “Our National Blood Sport,” the National Hockey League is an “institution that celebrates violence” given that hockey “was always about dominating or intimidating other players…through skill, or bodychecking, or speed, or fighting.” While we know that violence is common in the National Hockey League, most of us did not know that it was Chara’s hit that caused the emergence of the five-point…

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  • The Role Of Physics In Ice Hockey

    When I had to pick an article that related to physics is Ice Hockey. I have been playing ice hockey since I was 11 years old, it's a fun sport to play. The article that explains how physics play a role in hockey. In this paper, I will be talking about skating, hockey stick, slapshot, and hockey puck. While a hockey player skate pushes off with his rear leg, a perpendicular energy is exerted on the skate by the ice. The factor of the force that point onward is what thrusts the player forward.…

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  • Narrative Essay On Hockey

    I recall the day so clearly, impatiently waiting in the doctor’s office. Nothing was wrong with me; I was supposed to be at the rink for hockey practice or so I thought. Instead I was waiting to be called into a room. Little did I know I was about to hear those three dreaded words, the words no person ever wants to hear ‘You have cancer’. Everything around me stopped for a brief second while I sat trying to comprehend what was happening. My mother was crying, the doctor was talking and I just…

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  • Why Is Hockey Important

    Canada and the USSR were at the peak of the hockey world. It was time that Canada shows the world that they are superior in all aspects. It was not only a series of hockey it was almost a battle between two different government types. The victory of Canada played a superior role in the unity of French and English Canadians. Thus, the 1972 Summit series created a new era for hockey, which positively impacted the way Canadians, feel about their country in many different aspects. Canada’s victory…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Violence In Hockey

    dangerous. Sports have always had an aspect of violence in them and everyone loves a good fight in hockey or a big crunching hit in football; plus, it’s sometimes the only reason people watch. Therefore, it would take too much away from big sports, such as hockey, if there was no violence. On top of that, the athletes would become less competitive in their sport and possibly have less of a competitive drive to play. Why is hockey such a well known sport? It is a well known sport because people…

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  • Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Career

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” has become a very well used quote in the hockey world, all because of one person who came up with it. This former Canadian professional hockey player was born up north in Brantford, Ontario. He was welcomed to the world by Walter and Phyllis Gretzky.(“Gretzky’s ” 1) Little did they know he would be a legend one day.This man is Wayne Gretzky. The roots of Wayne Gretzky’s hockey career may seem unusual but they helped him grow up to be the athlete he is…

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  • Essay About Hockey

    Hockey is Canada’s recognized olympic winter sport and also is the greatest contribution to sports all around the world. Canada is considered the homeland of winter hockey, and is known as a canadian and olympic sport. Over the last Canadian generation, men, women and children have played intensely in hockey at different levels and have emotionally watched the sport with tremendous amount of interest in the sport. Canadian players form many teams in the National Hockey League and overseas…

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