Detroit Red Wings

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  • Personal Narrative: The Detroit Red Wings

    “Good afternoon hockey fans, Im Doc Emrick beside Eddie Olczyk, we are here in Detroit Michigan at Joe Louis Arena! We have a good game coming, San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings game 7 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals”. “Yeah Doc, this has been a tough series, very physical game play by these two teams, we've seen stats we have never seen before in the cup finals, each team is averaging 60 shots on goal a game, that is insane!” “Thanks Eddie, now we go to center ice for the puck drop.” I was really nervous, in my rookie season, 19 years old, my team and I got to the cup finals, now we are in game 7, an elimination game, It seems like it was just yesterday I heard the guy at the 2014 NHL entry draft say “The Detroit Red Wings select…

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  • The Movie Net Worth

    The low budget film Net Worth, is about a true story of the hockey players in the NHL, but more specifically the professional hockey team The Detroit Red Wings; and their struggle to protect their rights as workers against management and greedy, power-hungry owners of the NHL. The main character Lindsay tries to express to his teammates how important it is to form an organization to protect the rights of the athletes as workers. With a lot of motivation and struggle this action ultimately lead…

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  • Wayne Gretzky: The Most Famous NHL Player

    The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917. This league consisted of six teams, called the original six. These teams were the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the New York Rangers. These teams played for twenty five years until the leagues first expansion. Today, there are thirty teams in the NHL. There are six players on the ice, one center, two wings, two defenseman, and a goalie. This is one line, and each team…

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  • Hockey Vs Ice Hockey

    For my comparative analysis I will be analyzing and comparing the 2014 NHL winter classic, featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Detroit Red Wings. For the AFL match I will be analyzing game 7 of the 2015 AFL season featuring the North Melbourne kangaroos against Essendon bombers. Pre-game show In the NHL match, my video source does not include a full pre-game coverage show. However, the video coverage opens with both teams standing on the blue line, with each team standing on the…

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  • Fighting In Hockey Research Paper

    Does Fighting Have a Place in Hockey? Hockey is a sport played all over the world by people of all ages. Just like any other sport, hockey has experienced changes over the years it has been played. Rule changes, CBA renegotiations, and style of play are a few changes that come to mind, but there is another potential change coming to the sport: fighting. For many years the question has been whether or not fighting should be allowed in hockey. The issue is complex and impactful, and it can be…

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  • Takata Corporation Recall Case Study

    The Takata Corporation Recall is the largest in human history. The problem (more often than not) originates in the steering wheel, more specifically the airbag. An airbag is like a really cool balloon, instead of someone blowing it up, or inflating it with a helium tank; an explosion takes care of that. The idea is that the explosion fills the balloon with nitrogen and a wave of concussion, but only for the moment of a crash then the airbag generally deflates. For the most part, airbags are a…

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  • Mario Lemieux Research Paper

    Mario Lemieux Changed the history of ice hockey, the city of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario Lemieux also known as Super Mario or Mr. 66 made pittsburgh a place where football and baseball wasnt the only important sports in the city he added hockey to the market. Super Mario was one of the greatest ever and this is why. Mario Lemieux was a small boy coming out of Montreal, Canada. Lemieux was born on October 5,1965 and soon…

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  • One Day Narrative

    3rd grade: I was staring that club write in the eye, it was staring at me like a hawk. The contact was so loud, it sounded like a bomb, my ears rang so loud it hurt. I put my hands on my head but something was not right, instead of my fingers stopping at my forehead they went inside. I looked at my hands and they were just red, all red. My instinct was to scream, so that’s what I did, even though I didn’t feel anything. I laid down and some random guy sat on top of me and started to hold my…

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  • Intergenerational Trauma

    Intergenerational trauma is a term that is used to describe traumatic events that have impacted a cultural group in one generation, which can have lasting psychological, economical, or cultural effects on future generations. Although it can exist in serious and unfortunate occurrences like residential schools, intergenerational trauma can also be light-hearted, riveting and fun in relation to sport rivalries. Sport fans are well aware that not all games are created equal and that some games are…

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  • Enviro-Wave Swot Analysis

    Introduction: Enviro-Wave, Inc. brings the convenience of preparing food to new levels. Together with the use of state-of-the-art technology and natural resources, Enviro-Wave, Inc. provides. the highest level of development in microwave ovens. We have developed the current design of the microwave oven to run solely without the need of an electrical supply. Our company manufactures and distributes these portable microwave ovens, complete with a 12-volt backup battery pack, to supply individuals…

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