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  • Flexible Ethnocentrism

    I guess I am not as much as a flexible ethnocentric as I thought I was. They have always said that I am my father’s twin, from looks to personality to same passions, everything. Well, my father has always been the very open minded and very flexible when it comes to being ethnocentric; he has always been the one to show up another point of view to try to get us to understand the other perspective of a certain situation. In this case, he did the exact thing to try to get me to realize what I was feeling was not the only way that was correct. Therefore, since I consider myself just like my father, I thought I was able to get that flexible ethnocentrism just like him, apparently I did not. Looking back at the situation, I now understand my faults and realize that I am more ethnocentric when it comes to my faith than to other situations. I find myself now questioning on the things that I was forced to comply when I was young in the church and trying to understand and seeing if what I was taught was biblical or just another tradition of the Pentecostal/Apostolic…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Ethnocentrism

    Ethnocentrism occurs everywhere and every day on many different levels. While it can create a cohesive force to keep people in a certain group together, allowing minority groups in oppressive conditions to create an identity for themselves, it is also a major reason for the division among members of different ethnic groups, causing people from one ethnic group to look down on the culture and traditions of another. Ethnocentrism, as William Graham Sumner put, “is the tendency to assume that…

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  • Ethnocentrism In Hmong's Culture

    Ethnocentrism is the attitude of considering one’s own culture as superior and as the right one, and looking down on other cultures. Ethnocentrism leads to valuing certain beliefs and behaviors that people share in a community and ethnocentric people believe that their way of living and behavior is the natural and normal way. Hmong people migrated to the United States from Laos to escape the ongoing war, and their culture and beliefs collided with American cultural in several ways. Hmong’s and…

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  • Cultural Relativism In America

    the means to communicate with people living entire continents away at any given moment. A consequence of this exposure is an increase in ethnocentrism, “the practice of judging all other cultures by one’s own culture” (Kendall 61). Citizens of the United States of America display a particularly strong representation of ethnocentrism, both positive and negative. On the other hand, the realization of our global citizenship encourages people to see others in context, viewing the world with cultural…

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  • Summary Of The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down '

    Stepheny Saavedra Anthropology 340 Dec. 1, 2016 “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” is one of the many cases that exemplify the barriers and obstacles people from distinct cultures encounter due to their ethnocentrism and lack of cultural relativism. After escaping to the U.S., a place completely different from what they called home, the Lees had to adapt and place their trust on strangers (to save their daughter) who viewed a condition with spiritual origin to the Hmong as a…

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  • Cultural Relativism In Health Care

    TITLE OF YOUR PAPER The US is on target to become one of the most diverse nations in the world, with a projection of minorities making up 57% of the population by 2060. (Loftin, Hartin, Branson, and Reyes, 2013, page 10) This astounding number leaves many questions for culturally competent health care. A group effort will need to be made between clinicians, continuing to educate themselves, and patients, advocating for their cultural needs. Often these tasks are much easier said than done. …

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  • Comparative Politics: Structures And Choices By Lowell Barrington

    has littered the world’s vocabulary from wealthy entrepreneurs to lower-class working citizens. It’s something that individuals across the globe recognize. However, the truth of the matter is, that without legislation and law, there would be no planet for society to make money on. Obviously this is a delicate balance that, if threatened, can cause complete pandemonium. The reason that this is so delicate is that, to be blunt, economics is a very fundamental base for politics. However, it is just…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Cultural Relativism

    Ethnocentrism refers to judging other cultures based on our own cultural standards. The culture which a person belongs to is centered. Other cultures rotate towards it with a sense of inferiority.Xenocentrism and culture relativism both lay at the extremities of ethnocentrism. What could an excess of each cause? Are we limited to any international standard? Is any culture prone to extinction due to any of those concepts? Are we rendering our own cultures isolated and drifting towards belonging…

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  • Holocaust Ethnocentrism

    The article that is being reviewed, written on August 10,2016 titled Holocaust Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary With A Gift To Future Generations can be found at Dalai Lama XIV once stated, ““There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. ' No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that 's our real disaster.’”…

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  • Ethnocentrism In Sociology

    those more closely related, especially when exercising ethnocentrism and eurocentrism. (Culture shapes the identity of people, and this identity sets out a worldview, the more…

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