Batman: The Killing Joke

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  • Unbroken By Adrienne Rich: Character Analysis

    people. You made that decision”. Even this does not convince him, but eventually reality hits David, that he is not normal. David finally realizes he is a super hero, but that leaves another question. Who is the villain? A villain is the opposite of the hero and in this story that means all the clues lead to Mr. Glass, otherwise known as Elijah Price. Elijah was on one of the spectrum with his extreme fragility and he realized that there had to be someone on the other end. He decided to do whatever it took to find this person even if that meant killing others. This other person of course was David Dunn. They’re “both on the same curve just on different ends”. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Elijah caused all of the accidents including the train derailment in order to one day find the super hero he knew was out there. Once he had for sure figured out David was a hero that gave him a sense of purpose as a villain. In The Killing Joke, the Joker states that “it only takes one bad day” to change someone for better or…

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  • Analysis Of Batman Interrogates Joker Scene

    Batman interrogates joker scene This scene starts with the cop and the joker in a dark room, the only light lighting up the room is the door light and the lamp right where they are sitting. While the cop is listening to the joker speak only half of his face is fully visible due to the lack of light in the room. It then switches to the joker talking and behind him is very dark, only perk of his face is slightly visible, everything else behind him is not. This adds suspense to the scene that…

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  • The Joker Short Story

    Batman watches in agony as the Joker unties the President and puts the gun to his head. The Joker props Batman into a sitting position on the wall and goes over to the President who is still laughing. “And for the grand finale” the Joke says, waving his arms in the air. Batman yells “Don’t shoot him!” Clearly amused by Batman’s distress the Joker continues speaking “Okay I won’t shoot him since you asked so nicely but, it’s rude to interrupt, even if you are a bit batty. Get it? Batty? Why…

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  • The Killing Joke Analysis

    But it goes deeper than that. When one abstracts the two characters to their core differences, the key item is hope. Moore’s classic, The Killing Joke, explores the dichotomy between him and the Batman. In The Killing Joke, the story begins with Batman visiting Arkham Asylum, intending to work out his differences with the Joker. Unfortunately, he discovers to his dismay that the Joker had already escaped and had kidnapped Police Commissioner Gordon, tormenting him with the goal of breaking his…

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  • Going Sane: An Analysis Of Batman's Hobby Of Crime

    Batman's hobby of crime stopping in tights has come to attract various kinds of villains but there is one who has truly made a name for himself. His name is the Joker and he is best known as Batman's nemesis. According to ("Joker comics "), Joker became who he was after he joined the mob in a attempt to support his pregnant wife. He is later pursued by Batman which causes him to jump into a chemical vat to elude the Batman but the mental strain of coming out of the vat disfigured and learning…

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  • Comparison Of The Batman And Nexus Between Beowulf And Batman

    Chapter II- Nexus Between Beowulf and Batman Though these epic tales were created about 1000 years apart, the story of Batman and the story of Beowulf actually have a lot in common. These two characters are indeed heroes in their actions and are praised by the people in their society; they fight a foe which can only be beaten by them and they do such things for unselfish reasons. “Beowulf had brought his king Horses and treasures- as a man must Not weaving nets for malice for his comrades…

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  • Iago The Joker Analysis

    villain in the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare is Iago. Throughout the play, it is unclear as to why Iago does the evil things he does or what his end game for doing these things are. Much like the iconic character The Joker, from the famous movie “Batman: The Dark Knight.” Both of these villains have something in common. They are brilliant manipulators and caused much chaos in their respected worlds. Alfred who was the butler in “Batman: The Dark Night,” put it in the best perspective…

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  • Analysis Of Flashpoint: Batman-Knight Of Vengeance

    The graphic comic is set in an alternative universe where instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed and Bruce, their child using the traumatic childhood event to become the Batman, it is Bruce who is shot. With Bruce being shot, it is his father who uses the loss of his son to become The Batman. Martha is so overwhelmed with the loss of her son, she becomes insane and ultimately becomes Batman 's archenemy, The Joker. The two coped with the loss of Bruce in different ways but they both…

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  • Essay On Batman

    How did Batman get so popular? It all started in 1939. “In 1939, National Comics (later to become DC Comics), was looking for a new super hero—a character who could build on the success of Superman” (Batman at 75: Highlights in the Life of the Caped Crusader). Editor Vin Sullivan asked Bob Kane to create a hero. Batman first started as an idea from writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman wasn’t always a superhero dressed in dark colors. Bob Kane originally drew Batman in brighter colors…

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  • Exceptionalism In The Dark Knight

    Hollywood motion pictures often display their historical moments in appealing ways. The latest Batman movie, the dark knight (2008), directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan, is a perfect example of that. Like many superhero movies, it has a hero and an anti-hero. Featuring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman who is the hero and Heath Ledger as the Joker who played the anti-hero. The Joker’s main purpose is to bring chaos to the people of Gotham city, so Batman must come to terms with one…

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