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  • Heroism In Batman

    In Batman: Ego, written by Darywn Cooke in 2000, a new category of villain fills the role left by the classic super villain. The new villain found within modern comics drastically differs from the villain found in Silver Age comics. This change in villain can be seen in other works besides the Batman comics. Ana G. Gal talks about the characterization of the hero and villain in Stoker’s Dracula in her essay “The Social Modes of Heroization and Vilification in Stoker 's Dracula, a Graphic Novel by Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano.” Within this essay, Gal addresses the change Dracula has undergone in his comic and the changing face of the protagonist, Van Helsing. By applying Gal’s analysis of the hero and villain in the Dracula comics to Batman…

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  • Vigilante In Batman

    Christopher Nolan has arguably created the best Batman film. The Batman in The Dark Knight has taken the approach of a more vigilante role with ambiguous morals. The definition of a vigilante is member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement into their own community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate. By the definition above Batman is a vigilante because he is a self-appointed citizen of Gotham City who took law…

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  • Essay On Batman

    How did Batman get so popular? It all started in 1939. “In 1939, National Comics (later to become DC Comics), was looking for a new super hero—a character who could build on the success of Superman” (Batman at 75: Highlights in the Life of the Caped Crusader). Editor Vin Sullivan asked Bob Kane to create a hero. Batman first started as an idea from writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman wasn’t always a superhero dressed in dark colors. Bob Kane originally drew Batman in brighter colors…

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  • Batman Evolution

    of Batman Batman is a fictional, crime-fighting superhero staring in American comic books published by DC Comics, as well as many television shows, movies, and is widely ranged from places all over the world as the savior of Gotham. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comic, where his character was originally named "the Bat-Man," the character is also referred to by such epithets as the "Caped Crusader", the "Dark Knight", and…

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  • Batman Show

    final one being split into two parts. These big time film and television companies are looking for the best way to cash in. So this brings me to my point of why has DC not brought a live action Batman show to TV? DC has been enjoying the success of shows such as Arrow and Flash. Both of these shows have continued to grow in popularity and DC has been able to cash in on them in a big way. There is a reason DC brought Legends of Tomorrow…

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  • Batman Moral

    Has Batman’s character gotten morally darker over time? Batman is one of the most poplar superhero’s that has had his comics turned into very successful films. He smashes any and everything in his way while pursuing his ends. Interestingly, it is the same vigilante justice that Batman supplies that endears the Caped Crusader to so many readers (and viewers). So why must Batman endure constant hounding from the authorities? And what does it mean that fans of Batman are so quick to vehemently…

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  • Batman

    Christopher Nolan's 2005 masterpiece Batman Begins to analyze. I have decided to look at 'The Train Scene' in the film -This scene has a gloomy, dark mood, with imminent death apparent in the city that is portrayed in 'The Train Scene'. The aspects I decided to focus on are camera shots, costume, sound, and dialogue. Christopher Nolan uses impressive camera shots to intrigue the audience…

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  • Comparison Of The Batman And Nexus Between Beowulf And Batman

    Chapter II- Nexus Between Beowulf and Batman Though these epic tales were created about 1000 years apart, the story of Batman and the story of Beowulf actually have a lot in common. These two characters are indeed heroes in their actions and are praised by the people in their society; they fight a foe which can only be beaten by them and they do such things for unselfish reasons. “Beowulf had brought his king Horses and treasures- as a man must Not weaving nets for malice for his comrades…

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  • Batman Hero Essay

    people robs stores and drag the owners away. That is, until Batman comes. In his suit as dark as night, he grabs two of the evildoers by their eccentric clothes and bashes their heads together. They fall down immediately. This startles the gang and a few of the members circle and challenge Batman. Their menacing faces stare at him as they smirk wickedly. With a calm and blank expression, Batman kicks and punches the villains, sending them flying into the road. As more and more gang members run…

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  • Batman Voice

    Person of Interest (P.O.I) and Bruce Wayne/Batman from The Dark Knight trilogy (TDK) possess similar voices but they also reflect the anti-hero/vigilante archetype. Even with their differing backstories and roles in society, they convey similarities, that requires an exploration regarding the relationship between voice and character. However, before diving into voice and character, a brief description of…

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