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How did Batman get so popular? It all started in 1939. “In 1939, National Comics (later to become DC Comics), was looking for a new super hero—a character who could build on the success of Superman” (Batman at 75: Highlights in the Life of the Caped Crusader). Editor Vin Sullivan asked Bob Kane to create a hero. Batman first started as an idea from writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman wasn’t always a superhero dressed in dark colors. Bob Kane originally drew Batman in brighter colors and in a mask that was just covering his eyes. They got their ideas for Batman’s costume from Pulp magazines from the 1930s, Sherlock Holmes stories, and films at the time such as The Mark of Zorro. That original idea greatly differs to what Batman looks …show more content…
His name was Dick Grayson. Finger wanted Batman to have someone to talk to except for himself. Eventually Batman got his own spin-off series called Batman. This series had many important things happen, such as the first appearances of the Joker and Catwoman.Those two characters are very well known in the media today (Batman: History).
What makes Batman such an interesting character to most people was the fact that he did not use guns to kill. That wasn’t always the case. There was a comic that Batman shot monstrous giants to death with guns. After that story editor Whitney Ellsworth decided that Batman will not use guns and he will not kill people. This has become a mainstay in comics ever since (Batman: History).
After World War II, few superheroes continued being published. Batman was one of three DC characters to still have their own series during that point. Superman and Wonder Woman were the only other DC characters that had their own series. Psychiatrist Frederic Wertham said that comics corrupted younger readers. Because of this, Batman became a way less of a dark character. Readers eventually became so mad that Batman and Detective Comics were on the brink of cancellation. Sales were so bad that DC was “planning to kill off Batman altogether”

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