Essay On Why We Crave Horror Movies

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For this assignment, we read and discussed four different stories including Stephen King’s, Why We Crave Horror Movies; Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s, Why Vampires Never Die; Jorge Luis Borges’, The Origins of Half-Human, Half-Animal Creatures; and Frank Miller’s, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. While reviewing these stories it was apparent that there could be connections made between Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and the other three stories we read previously. It appears that Batman’s two personalities can possibly relate to a few key points in the other stories such as the horror aspect of the Batman comic, the rebirth of the Batman Legend, and many other connections. It was interesting to see how horror movies, vampires, and creatures …show more content…
He mentioned ideas of why we might crave horror movies. The ideas included showing off and being brave. To prove the point that we aren’t cowards. Other points include being able to put aside our civilized, adult ways and become young again. King claims that horror movies “may allow our emotions a free rein . . . or no rein at all” (Page 17). They open up the mind for imagination and psychic relief. It is morbidity released, everyone can reveler their most gruesome fantasies, and let their instinct run free. Regardless of how awful these things may appear, people enjoy them and even crave them. King states, “If we share a brotherhood of man, then we also share an insanity of man” (Page 18). This quote relates well to Batman in the way that as a normal man, he has a side of insanity and immorality. Of course Batman has a positive side of him that only wants to do good for Gotham, but the other side shows someone who wants to hurt people and even enjoys doing the punishment. So why do we love the Batman stories? We love them for the same reason we love horror stories. The violence, blood, mystery, darkness, all of the deep, twisted traits presented in the comic or movie give people the opportunity to relieve their morbid thoughts and wicked fantasies, which many …show more content…
This story discussed the rise of popularity in vampires and how they have continues to be popular for such a long time. They are given the reputation of timeless, almost as if vampires were legends. Batman can relate to this due to the fact that he was gone for a very long time, yet he was still well known. He was also described as a fictional character but known as a legend. Another relationship between vampires and Batman is the idea of being reborn. Once you become a vampire, it is known that you develop changes and become a new person; Once Batman made his big entrance back into the story he stated, “ . . . But I’m a man of thirty . . . of twenty again. The rain on my chest is a baptism – I’m born again . . .” (Page 25). This idea of being reborn and coming back as a new person is a common characteristic between vampires and batman. Most of us have thought about living for eternity so being able to imagine or visualize what it is like provides a peak of interest and entertainment. Batman also possess this same trait with his return to Gotham revealing that he is still around. A more obvious relationship between vampires and Batman, is the darkness. Vampires are notoriously known for not being able to withstand daylight, and Batman usually only appears in the night. This adds on to the cravings for vampire and dark, gothic stories. The final common characteristic

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