The Dark Night Rises (Batman)

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Taz Ramsay
October 18, 2017
Comp. 1 4th hour
Movie Review Essay
The Dark Night Rises (Batman) What is The Dark Night Rises? The Dark Night Rises is a version of an old cartoon character, named Batman, which was created in the year of 1939 in the month of May, and was made by a group called DC Comics. Bob Kane and Bill Finger were the people that thought up and made Batman. “Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27”, according to (Who really created Batman?). Batman’s name is Bruce Wayne when he is not fighting crime and saving people, but how did he become Batman? Bruce had come from a rich family where his father Thomas Wayne, who was married to Martha Wayne, owned a company called Wayne Enterprises. Bruce’s parents were murdered
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One reason why The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best movies is because, it features Bane. Although he does not have the original ability that the comic Bane had, in which he is super strong because of the drug, Venom, he instead has an amazing fighting ability due to being trained by a leader of assassin’s named Ra’s al ghul, who also trained Batman, and is super strong. In (Ebert), he says, “a villain named Bane whose Hannibal Lecterish face muzzle robs him of his personality”, which implies that he is not the same as the original comic book Bane. Bane is also played by Tom Hardy, who played in movies such as Mad Max and many more. Another reason why Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, is one of the best superhero movies is because, it also features Christian Bale (Batman, The Dark Knight), who plays in Empire of the Sun and many others. A third reason why Batman, The Dark Knight Rises one of the best superhero movies is because, “the movies sold was over a $3.7 million dollars’ worth of movies”, according to (Who really created Batman?). The final reason why Batman is one of the best superhero movies produced is because, for the most part they go with the story line from the comic. This has an exception with a few of the characters in the movie such as Bane or Robin, which is Batman’s adopted son in the comic series that he begins to train after Robin discovers the Batcave.

This movie deserves to have a

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