Compare And Contrast Batman Vs Superman

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Everlasting Battle Batman vs. Superman. Could You Guess Who is Winning?

When the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was announced, being the casual superhero fan, I had just one question in mind: What the hell is going on here? How could Batman, an ordinary superhero who possesses no superhuman abilities, possibly battle Superman, a superhero whose powers include superhuman strength, vision, speed, and flight? That’s highly unlikely to happen! Looking from the other side how come Batman still remains to be such a fascinating superhero whose fame isn’t fading regardless not possessing the superhuman powers? So, naturally :-), I decided to compare these two superheroes in several categories and then to decide which one is better.

1. Round 1-The Technology; Every true fan of Batman knows that this superhero possesses a very wide range of the most various hi-technology equipment, due to the fact that Bruce Wayne is a wealthy man, which money can be put to good use when fighting off Superman. Well, looking from the other side, Superman has the mighty kryptonite, despite that fact in a classic adaptation of the comic book “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2”, we actually have the opportunity to see that Batman was farther than able to go toe-to-toe with Superman by using its super- powered mechanical
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Okay, in that case, I have nothing to add. Again, the Bruce’s money is well invested. However, the intelligence could be the trickiest part. Although, knowing the fact Batman doesn’t possess true superpowers, his advantages are he’s smart, wise and brave and these virtues generally lead him to victory over his foes. All these advantages are the primary reasons Batman is often a leader of the Justice League and I have no doubts at all then he would be able to outsmart Superman in a variety of ways, who pretty often plays on the card his superpower advantages. The score after the second round is Batman 2, Superman

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