Odysseus And Batman Comparison Essay

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Did you know that Odysseus and Batman are the same way. They both are heroes! They bolt have hero character traits you need in order to be a hero. So if you have ever seen a Mmarvel movie, you definitely know what the traits are. So here's why Batman and Oodysseus are alike because of all the similar traits and characteristics they both share. First is Batman. He was incredible at being a superhero. He saved lives! hundreds and hundreds of lives. HBut he worked alone because he didn't have a crew. Oodysseus's also saved the lives of some of his crew members, but, he also took the lives of the suitors at his house that were trying to win his wife's hand. Batman had a rule where he couldn't kill anyone. Second, they were both very determined. Odysseus went to war for a year or two, than wanted to come home to his wife penelope. It took him many years to make his journey back home, and, there were lots of hard obstacles to overcome to. Next is Bbatman. He was very determined to save gotham city from crime. He had to fight many criminals to …show more content…
first odysseus, he used his creativity many times and to his advantage as well. Mostly when he was escaping the the cyclops cave. He told the Ccyclops that his name was nobody. Than blinded the Ccyclops by stabbing him in the eye with a sharpened log when he was asleep. So the Ccyclops starting screaming to the other Ccyclopes that nobody hurt me. So the other cyclops just assumed that nobody was hurting him. He also was the wan to come up with the Ttrojan horse and that was the reason Ttroy one the war. Next is Batman. He was creative in many ways. He was a billionaire businessman to hide that he was dressing up like a bat in the middle of the night and fighting crime. Than batman used his creativity to make gadgets and his hideout. He also knew how to train in the perfect way that would make him stronger and faster to defeat his enemies and criminals in

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