Analysis Of Why We Crave Horror Movies

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The sudden shiver down the back. Nails dug deep into the palm. Eyes that are begging to be closed buy are wide open. That right there is the feeling of terror. Terror. The feeling that is carved but hated all at once. Yet, hating it is why it is craved. Stephen king knows much about this for being an author in the horror genre. By being an author of such, he is able to account for terror and why it is a good thing. In his essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he explains the want/need for terror within the human condition. According to King, the human condition needs terror to help exercise and release some of the feelings involved in them. He believes that doing so helps humans stay sane. While many may believe the horror genre is untasteful, King’s ideas are accurate because he is able to show, through his writing, a use for terror for the use of the human conditions.
King talks about many reasons for the need of horror through his essay. One of the biggest
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One being, that some people have never seen horror movies and do not have the desire to watch them either. Some people are pointing to the thought that horror movies are not needed by all. Since, some people have not watched them, they are not “necessary”. This can be seen as false by King’s writing because he talks about horror movies being away to relieve stress and emotions. People who don’t watch horror movies do not it to release easily there tensions. This further shows how horror movies are necessary and should be watched. Because people who have not watched horror movies have no idea how much they are holding inside of them. This ,by King, to thought of as unsane. Along with all this, King pokes fun at such people who have not watch such movies calling them “good liberals” who “often shy away from horror films” (3). This drawing upon the thought of liberals not wanting to like for see such

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