Why We Crave Horror Movies By Stephen King Summary

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The sudden shiver down the back. Nails dug deep into the palm. Eyes that are begging to be closed buy are wide open. That right there is the feeling of terror. Terror. The feeling that is carved but hated all at once. Yet, hating it is why it is craved. Stephen king knows much about this for being an author in the horror genre. By being an author of such, he is able to account for terror and why it is a good thing. In his essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he explains the want/need for terror within the human condition. According to King, the human condition needs terror to help exercise and release some of the feelings involved in them. He believes that doing so helps humans stay sane. While many may believe the horror genre is untasteful, King’s ideas are accurate because he is able to show, through his writing, a use for terror for the use of the human conditions. …show more content…
One of the biggest ones being tied in with the human condition. He never actually mentions the words “human condition” itself, but it is seen in his writing. The human condition itself is the feelings and emotions a human faces throughout their life. Talking about emotions, King draws light to the fact that society only praises positive and emotions like love, loyalty, and kindness. But, these aren’t the only emotions human have. He explains that people have to control and hind their inner emotions by “periodic exercise” and “proper muscle tone” (King 3). The inner emotions consist of lust for terror/horror. The only way to relief these feels are by horror movies. How does horror movies help? Well, they are, as King puts in, “modern version of the public lynching.”(5) They are the only society accepting way to feed our inner most desires. Just think about it. Only in horror movies are people “allowed” enjoy someone being menaced/killed. This because in society such things are not

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