Beowulf And Batman Comparison

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Throughout time, society has come in contact with individuals who are praised due to their bravery, loyalty, humility, and tendency to go beyond the limit. One may call these individuals heroes and if asked to give some examples of heroism, one may pick the literary hero Beowulf and the modern comic book hero Batman. Both Beowulf and Batman are similar when it comes to physical strength, and protecting citizen’s lives. However, Beowulf and Batman are two heroes from different moments in time. They are classifies as two types of hero, have different personalities, and technology differently.
What traits Beowulf and Batman have in common is that they both demonstrate a great amount of physical strength and endurance. Lines 749–835 in Beowulf
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Batman, unlike Beowulf, is a humble person. Batman never reveals who he is to the public because he is not looking to be praised; he protects the citizens of Gotham City behind his mask because he knows it’s the right thing to do. However, Beowulf is a confident man who talks about his conquest openly and enjoys showing off his victories as trophies such as Grendel arm. Also, the difference in technology plays an important role. Batman uses his technology to fight crime, hack computers, and solve cases. On the other hand, Beowulf uses his bare hands to accomplish his job. Therefore, Beowulf takes pride in what he does.
To concluded, society adores heroes. His or her character demonstrates bravery, loyalty, humility, and tendency to go beyond the limitations of the ordinary human being. Beowulf and Batman are prime examples of heroism even though they are from different moments in time. Both heroes use their physical strength to ward off evil like Grendel and the Joker to protect the lives of the innocents like the people in Heorot and Gotham City. However, both heroes are different when it comes to the type of hero they are and

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