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  • Psychoanalytic Analysis Of The Joker

    a fear inducing Glasgow smile. Unlike the many other fictional villains who petrified the world with super powers and super weapons, this man was able to instil gut wrenching fear by virtue of his “strange” personality. It is for this very reason that the “Joker” is such a captivating and interesting character to study. One way to understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the Joker’s personality is through the Psychoanalytic approach. Developed by Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalytic theory of personality focuses on the unconscious. This school of thought believes that all behaviour stems from one’s unconscious as well instinctual and biological drives. He described the personality as encompassing three structures- id, ego, and superego. These three…

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  • The Joker In The Dark Knight

    iconic rival the “Joker” in which the two fight for the power over the city. The Joker’s character is described as a “sociopathic, killing clown” because his actions and his scars have such an impact on anyone he crosses. Both roles are classified as incognito. Mysteries consume the ones who watch this film as to what is the actual story behind the scars? Or was the joker actually an unethical hero? And especially the most asked, what happened to Heath Ledger while playing this role? The Oscar…

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  • The Joker Short Story

    Service uniform. The man stands in front of the President of the United States with a harpoon gun to his head. The smell of blood fills the room. The man has a grotesque and wicked smile on his face, identifying him as the Joker. The Joker puts the gun against the President 's head and pulls the trigger but only a flag with "BANG!" on it comes out. The Joker puts the gun against his head and pulls the trigger again, but nothing comes out. "Russian Roulette is a funny game, isn 't it Mr.…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight

    character of Batman a literary merit. This movie is not simply present the good and evil tale. It is the truth that Batman presented the good and the Joker presented the evil. However, the Joker is more than a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. His character is presented as, the one whose actions are designed…

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  • The Joker Scene Analysis

    Scene: When the Joker crashes Harvey Dent’s fundraiser and targets Rachael Dawes because no one knows where Harvey is. The 360 degree turn of the camera emphasizes Rachel’s struggle to over power the Joker and his struggle to maintain it. The Joker has his knife at Rachel 's mouth to not only show his dominance to her but to how that while he looks silly dressed like a clown, he is serious. While he knows that the rich guests are not scared of him, a criminal, he does not try to instill the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Batman And The Joker

    in play and given the character literary merit, the Dark Knight has achieved a great impact to its audience. Those elements are moral ambiguity, paralleling Batman with his villains, a large cast of equally compelling characters, and realistic depiction of crime and detective work. The story of The Dark Knight is entirely about Batman and the Joker. The film’s narrative brings the character of Batman into a moral situation. Batman was an outcast and angry vigilante before he realized his…

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  • Analysis Of Batman Interrogates Joker Scene

    Batman interrogates joker scene This scene starts with the cop and the joker in a dark room, the only light lighting up the room is the door light and the lamp right where they are sitting. While the cop is listening to the joker speak only half of his face is fully visible due to the lack of light in the room. It then switches to the joker talking and behind him is very dark, only perk of his face is slightly visible, everything else behind him is not. This adds suspense to the scene that…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight And Lord Of The Flies

    Joker in The Dark Knight and Jack Merridew in The Lord of the Flies desire the power to push entire society into corruption of madness and anarchy by their successful leading skills. They trap people using violence and trickery and diffuse their responsibilities to someone else. The Joker and Jack don’t have any humanizing elements; instead, they attempt to destroy humanized society. They, the shadows confront with protagonists and natural humanity to officialize their ideology. The Joker and…

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  • Commonalities Between Characters: Similarities Between The Joker And Batman

    Throughout the film, the Joker proves his real drive for joy is causing chaos rather than wealth. Batman’s joy is making sure Gotham is safe from evil. But, the Joker and Batman continue to fight without killing each other, always backing away from that final punch of death. During the scene where Batman integrates the Joker for information, he asked him why does he want to kill him, creating a laughing reaction from the Joker, “I don’t want to kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to…

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  • The Mythic Characteristics Of A Trickster In The Odyssey

    After reading The Odyssey Book 5-8, it came to my attention that the modern world of today and the classical myths of the past have somewhat different beliefs on what a trickster is all about. The current myth I am going to use come from the movie The Dark Knight(2008), where we are introduced to a trickster known as the Joker. The Joker is a villain who dresses up as a clown and commits crimes. In addition to being a villain he is also consider a criminal mastermind due to his ingenuity when it…

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