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  • Billy Beane Character Analysis

    appearance, focusing on visible skills. What they did not take into account was, what the players were lacking. Traditionally, the batting average had been used to determine a players batting ability. The batting average was developed by an English statistician, Henry Chadwick, to provide a better measure of an individual’s batting ability. Chadwick felt that the success of the team was dependent on having good hitters and that hits were independent of teammates skills. The batting average is a percentage reflecting how often a player gets on base. According to Sabermetrics however, the batting average was seen as a weak measure because it did not correlate to runs scored and it did not factor into account walks, or power. The batting average only takes hits into consideration so doubles, triples and home runs are given the same hit value. To determine the batting average, the number of hits are divided by the number of at bats. It is usually reported to three decimal places and read without the decimal: A player with a batting average of .300 is "batting three-hundred." A point (or percentage point) is understood to be .001. If necessary to break ties, batting averages could be taken to more than three decimal places. (Wikipedia) Sabermetrics considers this formula as having little predictive value and prefers to use systems that take into account hits for average, hits for power and drawing bases on balls. (Wikipedia) With change and innovation on the horizon,…

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  • Shoeless Joe Jackson In The 1920's

    He's the guy who made me a hitter" -Babe Ruth(Tidbits 1). All throughout history there have been athletes known for key attributes. In Jackson's case it was his natural hitting ability. Too this day Jackson holds the batting average for a player in the rookie season. In 1911 Jackson was traded to the cleveland Naps known now as the Cleveland Indians and recorded the best rookie batting average of all time at .408. Jackson continued to record outstanding amazing batting averages throughout his…

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  • Softball Vs Baseball Essay

    Each distance was divided by time to get the speed in inches per second. Then the average of each was determined. (5,692.8 inches/second)/(12 trials)=474.4 inches/second (10,851.6 inches/second)/(12 trials)=904.3 inches/second 5,692.8 being the speeds of the softballs added up and 10,851.6 being the baseballs. Average Softball Baseball Speed (inches/second) 474.4 inches/second 904.3…

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  • Lou Gehrig As The Real Hero

    the only person in baseball history to be elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame the same year that he retired, due to ALS, instead of waiting the usually five-year waiting period before being elected into the hall of fame (Baseball). The streak of 2,130 games created the nickname of the “Iron Man” of baseball. Lou held the record for career grand slams at 23, until St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire’s went on a slugging fest for multiple years. Lou currently holds the record for most…

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  • Most Influential Baseball Player: Babe Ruth

    within the team, the games were just unreal because of the power that could be seen. When other players such as Lou Gehrig came into the organization, the offensive side of the Yankees took off and they were unstoppable. Ruth was able to inspire Gehrig to improve himself, which promoted competition within the organization making the team as a whole better. Ruth was able to keep his team going even when others were going downhill. Ruth modeled his batting stance after that of Joe Jackson (Dewey…

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  • Club Baseball Case Study Essay

    stronger. His junior year still burdens him with a lot of schoolwork, but the pleasure he received from going out with his friends and doing a routine workout in the gym was reduced enough for him to seek out a solution that would bring him more pleasure. Matt’s recent reduction in pleasure from his usual routine brought him to the conclusion that he was looking for more happiness from what he did in his leisure time, and he wanted to develop a new friendship dynamic. These objectives were…

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  • Creative Writing: Why I Love Softball

    What softball? There's nothing soft about softball. For me softball is nothing without dedication. I love softball. Softball has gain my confidence with friends and peers. It can’t be explained what i feel in the field. Softball has taught me valuable lessons not just physically but mentally. It has taught me to stand up for myself. I love every moment i spend on the field . When am in the field am completely a different person . I forget about my glass slippers because this princess wears…

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  • Baseball Bat Physics

    truly understand how a ten percent muscle mass will help someone hit a home-run, one must understand just how much every foot and mile per hour that swinging that bat at a faster speed truly does help a player hit the ball. There is data from the real home-runs ratio that was hit and the distances they traveled for the 2007 MLB season. Through the study of looking at the distance of the landing point over the fence, the study was able to estimate that with each additional foot a fly ball…

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  • Softball Glove Research Paper

    Softball Gloves for Different Positions Your position in the game will determine the type of softball gloves you have to use. The player’s position is significant to the type of webbing, amount of padding and pocket size of the glove one should purchase. When considered together, you can end up with a great glove pattern that suits you. Remember that the pattern of the softball glove determines its specialized capabilities and performance in the game. Different positions need different glove…

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  • Sports In The Elizabethan Era

    All Elizabethan sports tended to include an element of gaming and gambling. Billiards is a forerunner to the Pool played today and in the Elizabethan era, they gambled while playing this game. Elizabethan sports during that era are very similar to the games that are played today. Although Elizabethan era sports can be a lot rougher and bloodier, they are almost the same as some modern day sports. Elizabethan sports had more of a brutal aspect in them while modern day sports have a skilled and…

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