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  • The Great Ape Survival Partnership (GASP)

    One relatively recent cause of the sharp decline in ape populations deals with poaching and kidnapping. The Great Ape Survival Partnership or (GASP) is an aid organization created by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). The purpose of the GASP is to protect apes and their habitats. Their website provides a wealth of information regarding the struggle of our closest living relatives and efforts made to turn back the tide of extinction. Over the past decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the hunting and harvesting of apes. Both live Apes and pieces of the dead are sent off to be sold to increasingly gluttonous buyers. Uses for these apes range from medicinal purposes to cuisine and even pets. These criminals primarily…

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  • Planet Of The Apes Comparison

    chimpanzees in the movies, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “King Kong”. They are chimpanzees in both movies and eventually grew to actual apes. The movies both had a relationship bond between an animal and a human. The humans did not feel how the animals felt at first, but soon felt the same way. In the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” a chimpanzee was raised by a human and grew attached to human related things. Which also made him think he was a human, until he was a testing sample…

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  • Tarzan Of The Apes Analysis

    Tarzan of the Apes has to be one of the most fascinating stories of all times, as it tells the story of a young boy whose fate forces him to grow in the wilderness of the jungle. In the jungle, Tarzan depends solely upon his own physical and metal powers, which allow him to defend himself and those he cares for. He is capable of fighting the most dangerous beast and when he defends Jane, a beautiful women who he immediately felt in love with, he becomes a tame less beast himself and fights…

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  • Aquatic Ape Hypothesis Essay

    Introduced by Morgan in her Ted Talk clip, the aquatic ape hypothesis is an interesting take on human evolution. The hypothesis revolved around the idea that human beings evolved from “aquatic apes,” or our early ancestors who called that water their home. This hypothesis takes from the fact that humans share many characteristics with other marine mammals, such as being “naked,” having a layer of fat inside the skin, and having conscious control over breathing. Before this hypothesis,…

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  • I Am Zitti: An Autobiography

    “I am Zitti”: An Autobiography “A primate is a member of a mammal order that includes apes, monkeys, tarsiers and lemurs, the closest relative of humans because they share a common evolutionary descent” (Burnie,2008, para. 1). There are many species of primates, one is apes and the largest of them is Gorilla (Vedder, 2008). My name is Zitti. I am a biologically female Cross river gorilla a subspecies of Western Gorilla (World Wildlife Fund, 2014). Others call me by my scientific name of…

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  • Francois Langur Essay

    of the monkeys also live in China and Vietnam, as well as west central Laos. Also, they inhabit semi-tropical and subtropical regions with areas that usually contain limestone. Additionally, they enjoy living in mangrove environments. When the monkeys are not out hunting for food, they spend most of their free time in caves, as the landforms are a way for the animals to gain protection.The Francois langur has adapted to be able to live in these areas by the main food that they eat is leaves, so…

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  • Bonobos Vs Chimpanzees

    Kaylee Smith Summarizing From Your Sources The two Great Apes that I choose to research are the bonobos and the chimpanzees. Bonobo: Scientists believe that Bonobos are the the closest relative Great Apes to humans, but the formerly called pygmy chimpanzees are now endangered, and still are quite mysterious. Humans don’t know a lot about the bonobos like they do with the chimpanzees or gorillas. What we do know is that the bonobo species are mostly on the smaller side, and have small faces,…

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  • Non Human Primates Essay

    There are many different species of non-human primates. Each primate has its own characteristics, traits, and behaviors that establish its identity. Throughout history, however, primate species have evolved over time and there have been different research studies to see how primates have evolved. Northern white-cheeked gibbons are one of the closest relatives to human beings. White cheeked gibbon’s characteristics, traits, and behaviors explain the complexity of their species and how they are…

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  • Oldowan Technology

    We know the chimpanzees are using wooden spears and we know that the oldest organic weapon is 400,000 years old. This weapon is a wooden spear similar to the spears that chimpanzees use today. What makes them really different is that hominids used stone tools as weapons and probably alongside wooden tools even though there is no evidence. “Generally, ape tool use in the wild occurs within a foraging context and is largely restricted to processing vegetable matter or invertebrates (Pruetz 412)”,…

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  • Differences Between Gorillas And Chimps

    Neil Rao 10/18/17 Differences Between Gorillas and Chimps Gorillas and chimps are both members of the great apes family. They have some similarities and differences, and both will be listed. Gorillas may look intimidating with their size and forceful look. They are actually very gentle. Gorillas also have a caring human like nature and behavior. Gorillas can be powerful and forceful when it comes to their young, they are very nurturing and care for their young. Gorillas play a large role in…

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