Early Hominils Essay

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Evidence of Tool Use by Early Hominins Tool use has been around for ages we all know this because we are surrounded by it every day, but how long has tool use in human history been at play? There is evidence of early hominids making and using stone tools that date back millions of years ago. These tools are the earliest known signs of modifying natural materials for use as a tool. In this article we will travel back to the early stages of human evolution to date when we began to use objects to assist with life and how the objects were used and made. Oldowan technology is the earliest known evidence of hominids making tools using their environment. This technology was used in the lower Paleolithic period which dates as far back as 2.6 million years ago and as early as 1.7 million years ago. Most sites where Oldowan technologies are found at sites in Koobi Fora, Kenya. Many of these sites have been preserved well because of the volcanic activity. These sites are particularly good at accurately dating the artifacts using potassium argon dating. This dating method is very an accurate radiometric dating method used to date hominids and artifacts …show more content…
We know the chimpanzees are using wooden spears and we know that the oldest organic weapon is 400,000 years old. This weapon is a wooden spear similar to the spears that chimpanzees use today. What makes them really different is that hominids used stone tools as weapons and probably alongside wooden tools even though there is no evidence. “Generally, ape tool use in the wild occurs within a foraging context and is largely restricted to processing vegetable matter or invertebrates (Pruetz 412)”, this is where chimpanzees use a grinding method similar to the method of Oldowan tools to make consuming the food easier. We still use this method today for grinding up hard to digest foods or salts, so we have carried this technology for

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