Stone Age

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  • History: The Stone Age

    The Stone Age What is the Stone Age? The stone age was named Stone Age because the people in this time period used stone tools. It has two very like and very different time periods. They are called the Neolithic (new), and Paleolithic (old) eras. They have very diverse rituals and ways of life. Things like the way they access food, the homes they live in, the tools people used, and what they spent their time doing. Paleolithic Era The Paleolithic Era--A.K.A. Old Stone Age--was the first part of the Stone Age. The humans that lived in this time period used simple stone tools such as plain, sharpened stone (left) that were used to cut and skin animals. People also made spears and axes. In the Old Stone Age people were nomadic1. This is because…

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  • Stone Age To The Bronze Age

    but there are three major ones that gave mankind the opportunity to commence paving its way towards modernity: the beginning of agriculture, the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, and the invention of writing. Had these three changes not occurred, mankind would, without question, not be in the same place it is today. Before humans mastered the art of agriculture, their way of living was primitive. They survived by hunting and gathering and never staying in one place for too…

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  • Paleolithic And Neolithic Ages Essay

    The parting of the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages shows a significant split in the lives and principles of prehistoric people. Many aspects of the normal, routine life were improved in order to satisfy a progressive standard of living. The Agricultural Revolution greatly impacted numerous aspects including the economy, culture, and technology. Overall, regardless of their variances and drawbacks, the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages led to new technologies which ultimately permitted the formation…

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  • Paleolithic Era

    Paleolithic Triumphs The Paleolithic Era marks a cultivating time in world history. Ranging from 2,600,000 to 12,000 years ago, it is known as a part of the stone age. More specifically, the Paleolithic Era is known as the “Old Stone Age.” This differentiates it from the new stone age; the Neolithic Era. With the latter came the agricultural revolution - based on the Paleolithic style of gathering edible plants, and polished tools - which were based on the rough stone equivalent of the…

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  • Stone Tools Research Paper

    the pictures they want” -George Lucas. Stone tool technology evolved quite drastically from the lower Paleolithic, middle Paleolithic until the upper Paleolithic.Tools are and have always been a necessity that are needed for humans to better adapt to their surroundings from generation to generation. Early on tools were very rudimentary but were still quite sophisticated for technology and knowledge available for the time. However, in time tools became more complex. The Paleolithic era or…

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  • Essay On Paleolithic Vs Neolithic

    Paleolithic era, during which people used stone, bone, and other natural products to make tools and gained food largely by foraging (6). In other words, the society was hunters and gatherers. Men hunted animals to provide food for the family, occasionally it takes days to hunt animals and may not even come home with one. However women were gatherers generally had easy access through food such as plants and limited animals, but it was a steady source for the group to survive. The way of life was…

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  • Becoming Human Summary

    dot as a tattoo, same color as her broken heart tattoo. She wanted to be in with the current tattoo trend. She didn’t want anything big though, to her it’s the little things that matter. She didn’t want her tattoos to show since she is a model and it is important that she doesn’t have any showing. Her broken heart tattoo shows that during that time is her life her heart was broken and getting that tattoo helps her to mend that broken heart. Or to remind her that though she went through pain at…

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  • Catalhoyuk: Life In The Stone Age

    Catalhoyuk was a town that developed more than 9000 years ago and was tightly packed with 8000 people. Everyone had to live on top of each other which seems to me could have gotten very difficult at times. With all their houses being piled upon one another they seemed to be very well organized and a have VERY advanced society. They even buried the dead beneath their houses... sounds extremely terrifying to me. Men and women were equal in the labor department and they both had low life…

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  • Summary: The Upper Paleolithic Revolution

    in parts of Eurasia; however its presence across other regions was not effectively noticed. The events included the biological, cultural, technological as well as environmental and geographical features/event of change. The optimal levels of the assemblages and the occurrence of arch-types of modern societies and the issues related to modern behaviors exhibit ancient archaic behaviors,(Bar 2002). The main causes for the Upper revolution are mentioned from the biological point of view through…

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  • Paleolithic People

    during the paleolithic or “old stone age era”. The Paleolithic people’s main source of income was hunting and gathering, and they lived in egalitarian societies where men and women were equal. The plants women gathered made up about 70% of the food the families ate while the meat men brought only made up for about 30%. These people did not need much so they barely put in any hard work or effort, and just got what they needed. Since there was not much to do for them they had a plethora of leisure…

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