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  • The Shard London Case Study

    while constructing the tallest building in Western Europe’s skyline. Some of them being: Project Area: The land area on which this 95 storey tower was planned, was much smaller than the area on which any building of similar scale has been built. Location: The site was sandwiched between one of UK’s busiest stations, London Bridge Station and Guy’s Hospital. Also, the bus station on the doorstep of the site had to remain running. Thus, the project had to operate around the thousands of commuters using these facilities. Moreover, the narrow roads and large amounts of pedestrians made moving materials to and from the site a major challenge. Existing Facilities: Large Victorian water mains…

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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    field, method is concerned it was based on traditional fieldwork method and was flexible in nature. In other words, the aim was to get familiarise with the Canadian history and culture, from an existing limited knowledge about the people and history. Nevertheless, museums forms the ideal place to get acquainted with the local history and culture and having a background in archaeology, history and museum studies the secondly I focused how the museum design, plan was narrating the story of Alberta…

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  • Mac's Brewbra Function Center Case Study

    Mac’s Brewbra Function Centre Question 1a) Mac’s Function Centre is located on Wellington’s waterfront, on the Corner of Taranaki St, and Cable St. just south of Te Papa. This function centre offers 3 different sized rooms of which can hold many styles of conferences. Each room comes with a different view. The biggest room is the Te Aro room which is located on the second floor. The smallest of the 3, the waterfront room has view of Te Papa and the waterfront. On the ground floor sits the Cable…

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  • Essay On Hardcore Law Breaking

    Hardcore Law Breaking What would I have done if I got arrested with Mr. Lutman and Sam? I don’t really know, it would have been hard to call my mom because she had to work that day, and there is no way I would call my dad. Anyways, there should have been a lot more people there; my friend Ariana was going to come and drive her friends Erin and Neca, but her junky car broke down, so it was just us. I think I would have been less worried if there were more of us, because of the safety of numbers…

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  • Brutalism Architecture In The 20th Century

    Background After the second World War, local communities in the United Kingdom were forced to seek affordable construction and design method. As a result, Brutalism Architecture became a favourable method amongst architects during the mid 20th Century. However, as Brutalism architecture grew, the importance of connection between building and its surrounding context were also taken into consideration between few architects. They believed buildings should serve the need of its inhabitant and act…

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  • Personal Narrative-Formal Theater Concert Analysis

    2015 was a time filled with adventure and grandeur. I can still vividly remember the frigid, icy night of twenty degrees Fahrenheit when my family and I saw The Cold Hard Cash Show in concert. This was where I was introduced to Johnny Cash’s music by Merle Travis Peterson. I received nearly an overdose of unique and remarkable music that influenced many other genres. Even with Johnny Cash’s death, his music has continued to inspire and ignite generations. The amazing concert was at the Oriental…

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  • Why Architecture Matters By Paul Goldberger

    Mohammed Waseem Chiraagh 1380983 ARCH 6313 - Critical Studies 3 Major Assignment Traditionally as humans, when critiquing a building our thoughts are based on the buildings form as a whole, one defined object or boundary made up of different components which creates the overall look, structure and how it fits into the contextual surroundings. In the text “Why Architecture Matters” Paul Goldberger, shows that not only the outer boundary or façade is important but that there is another dimension…

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  • High Rese Building In Singapore Case Study

    CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. TECHNICAL, SOCIAL, POLITICAL EFFECT ON PROJECT PERFORMANCE IN SINGAPORE CONTEXT 3. ANALYSIS AND RESULTS 4. CONCLUSION 5. REFERENCES INTRODUCTION High-rise, high-density living has been embraced as a positive accommodation solution for many millions of people living in Singapore. This assignment outlines a defective of high-rese building in Singapore. Singapore, whose land area is around 660 km2, it is one of the most high-densely…

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  • The Axe Effect Advertisement: The Axe Effect

    The Axe Effect advertisement, created by the Axe corporation, takes place in a dark and light contrasted locker room. The lockers are navy blue color. One of the lockers are open at the bottom. There is a man with a towel around his waist in front of the lockers. His body is half skinny and half obese. He seems to be spraying Axe deodorant on his body.The skinny man is very handsome and it can be inquired just from the context of the picture that the obese man is not as appealing as the skinny…

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  • Climate In Arwad Island And Outdoor Weather And Skilled Environment

    3. An overview of the site and case studies: 3.1. Climate in Arwad Island and Outdoor weather during the period of measurement: The general climate of Arwad island is Mediterranean moderate climate all year round, latitude 34.53North and longitude 35.53East, which is characterized by the four seasons, humid environment, rainy winter weather and the prevailing wind is south and southwestern (Amer and Abou Hamed 2011). The average value of the diurnal highest temperature in Tartous is in summer in…

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