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  • King Kong Film Comparison

    Early within the film you would also notice that stop-motion animation is a little “jerky” but, when comparing the film to other films of the time being released, King Kong (1933) is rather glamorously and brilliantly crafted for its era. The majority of the film was created by the use of stop-motion animation puppets. These puppets were made of metal, ball-and-socket skeleton armatures, covered with cotton dental dam, latex rubber and rabbit fur. To create the expressions of the Ape, wires were attached to the model and to add the realistic effect of Kong being real, special effect engineers attached an inflatable diaphragm to the Ape to stimulate its breathing. If enough attention is payed to Kong throughout the movie you would see that his hair moves throughout the film, this is due to O’Brien continuously moving the puppet around throughout capturing the stop-animation, adding to the life likeliness. To create the effect of King Kong being over twenty-four foot high the ever so talented special effects engineers used two specific techniques; rear projection footage and miniature projection. To produce the effect of rear projection, previously shot footage would be projected onto a translucent…

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  • Vimeo Gulp Analysis

    Animation on Vimeo Writing Assignment: “Gulp” For the purpose of this critique, I will be analyzing the stop-motion animation, “Gulp,” using the art critical framework. “Gulp” was released in the summer of 2011 (uploaded to Nokia HD’s channel on July 25, 2011) to showcase the creative imaging capabilities of the Nokia N8 while also attempting to create the largest stop-motion set at the time. The short film was directed by Will Studd and Ed Patterson from Sumo Science at Aardman, and was used…

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  • Stop Motion Animation Essay

    Chapter One: A Brief History of Stop Motion Animation “The Humpty Dumpty Circus” (1897) is a show to go down in history, literally. The short film by Albert E. Smith and J. Stuart Blackton, founders of Vitagraph Studios, was the first American short film to use stop-motion techniques. The film featured acrobats and animals dancing within a circus that came to life. Unfortunately, no footage has survived the test of time, apart from a few archived images. The animation was created, according to…

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  • The Role Of Animation, Stop Animation And Computer Generated Animation

    Animation is the method of taking still images and presenting them in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion. The contrast between animation and video is video takes constant movement and splits it up into frames. You have many different types of animation. Usually the main ones used are Traditional animation, Stop animation and Computer Generated animation. Traditional animation is created by drawing every frame by hand. Then these frames are coloured and scanned onto a computer and…

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  • Steven Millhauser's The Invasion From Outer Space

    ignore the danger that was surrounding them. In the end you notice that they get used to the yellow dust and the fact that they are in danger but they don’t know what to do with it. They didn’t know how to fix it. They had tried. They sealed their windows but it still got in. Now it’s too late. It’s too late for them to do anything. They can’t stop it but they might have been able to in the beginning. If you don’t see the danger then you are completely clueless. People might say that they do…

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  • Personal Narrative: If I Am A Normal Person

    and told that being gay is morally wrong gave me a hard time to accept myself and if you don’t truly accept yourself for who you are, you will never find peace and happiness in life. Slowly over time I told more and more of my closer friends and most of them accepted me for who I am. There will be some that stops talking to you because you are different and they don’t think it is right to be different. Soon my friends asked me about dating and at the time I didn’t think much about it because I…

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  • Georgette's Home-Personal Narrative

    started counting back to the front of the bus. “Well now, “Mr. Bus 57, Row 9, Right Side, Window, you best go sit down because we need to roll.” she spat out. “You can’t leave yet,” he replied knitting his eyebrows together. “I’m not finished”. Georgette made up her mind right then and there that she disliked him immensely. Although, he did rouse her curiosity when he donned a pair of latex gloves and pulled a mortar with pestle from his satchel. She watch him with great interest as he…

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  • Automatic Door Mechanism Report

    these motor and wheel, are used to generate the circular motion, and this circular motion is converted into a linear motion by connecting extension blocks to the wheel. Now, I am going to pick a 70 extension block and connecting it to the wheel block like this, and I close it with a circlip. In the same way, I created another wheel block, and now, keep them aside. Let me Pick a 70 extension block and connect it with a 50 ext block like this, and I am going to attach another 70…

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  • A Defining Moment

    stomach. Anyway, after the contents of the mug were consumed, I went to brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth is an important stage of my morning procedure, it ensures my chance of successfully communicating with people without the disgust felt of horrible smells originating from the decayed bacteria and food remnants in my mouth permeating into their nostrils. The circular motion of the bristles cleaned my teeth, leaving them polished, spick and span. After noticing the time via the red digital…

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  • Red Light Persuasive Speech

    outside. When suddenly you hear a loud screech, then the screaming of young children. You rush outside to find your child laying there in the street, lifeless. You sit there and wonder how this could have happened, and why me? Now the driver is saying that it was an accident, but she ran the stop sign. Now there is a darkness that haunts you. Just knowing the laws and stopping on red on red in the first place could prevent thousands of accidents and deaths, not just in Texas, not just the United…

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