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  • Stop All Of The Clocks Cut Off The Telephone Analysis

    The astonishing level of agony present in a person once they have lost a loved one is described in the poem, “Stop All of the Clocks, Cut off the Telephone” by W.H. Auden. In this poem, the poet describes the pain of ending an intense sensation of love when one of the partners has passed away. The inability to cope once one’s love has ended provokes the feeling that life has ended due to the thought of the inability to live alone. This is found in the poem when Auden states, “For nothing now can…

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  • Unconstitutional Police Searches

    than we think. This occurs when police officers engage in improper actions in relation with their official duties. These actions often result in the miscarriage of justice and discrimination. It is not uncommon to see unconstitutional police searches, stop and frisks, and unreasonable suspect searches; all under the discretion of the police. Poor policing procedures has caused the Civil Rights Division to open an Investigation into The Ferguson Police Department,…

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  • The Importance Of Science In Modern Day Life

    Science has revolutionized our world with unimaginable advancements in technology. From the brilliant minds of William Whewell (who coined the English word “science”) to the modern day scientist like Stephen William Hawking (who contributed to the vast amount of today’s knowledge on cosmology and quantum gravity). Furthermore, science has become so advanced in this day-in-age that it has been split apart into different sections that each cover a broad range of technological information,…

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  • Volleyball Observation Report

    that allows me to make quick motions. Sensory neurons send messages from my muscles and sensory organs, like my eyes and ears, to my brain and spinal cord. My brain then processes that message and sends a response back to my muscles via motor neurons. If, for instance, one of my teammates is heading for the ball the same time I am and we are about to collide, my brain has an internal communication system that allows it to intervene with the motor neurons to allow me to stop moving and avoid…

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  • Loving Vs Virginia

    They alleged that the Virginia anti-miscegenation statutes were unconstitutional and wanted to stop Virginia state officials from enforcing them. On January 22, 1965, the state trial judge denied the motion to vacate the sentences, and upheld the anti-miscegenation laws as constitutional, agreeing with the Lovings original convictions that they had violated the Virginia code sections: 28-50, 29-50,…

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  • The Road Virus Heads North Analysis

    slowly on legs that had lost all feeling, a naked man with a headful of soap, and saw the picture over his bed, just as he’d known he would.” Now, Kinnell has tried any possible way, but he finds the terror is doomed desperately. At this moment, the motion of fear reaches its acme and the sense of hopeless, extreme fear of death, desperate strike straightly into the mind of the readers and the…

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  • Shine Film Analysis

    breakdown and to emotionally crack under the pressure. He would always feel the need to be in or around water so he could mentally cleanse himself and try to forget. The film began when David is running the streets in the pouring rain, he then stops at a restaurant Moby’s. Hicks used this as the introduction to the film to give us a view into David's life and also him at the lowest point of his life. Hicks uses David's speech pattern to show how hard it really is for David and also by…

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  • Analysis Of Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out Of Balance

    types of motions. This appealed to me because it almost felt as if life was reflecting over itself. By this I mean this is what…

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  • Knee Joint Research Paper

    which attaches the bones together. Athletes who participate in a high demanding sport such as basketball they are more than likely to injure their ACL as basketball consists of running, sudden stops, dodging and jumping. Stopping abruptly or changing direction rapidly while running can cause a twisting motion that tears the ACL. There can be a popping or snapping once the ligament is torn and the leg will not be able to bear any weight and the knee may feel loose or unstable. Noticeable…

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  • History Of Racial Profiling

    action against the person, even with Local Law 30 in place on banning racial profiling it still wasn’t sufficient enough to deter the practice. According to CompStat in 2002 97,000 stop were made and by 2010 the number of stops has increased to more than 601,000 Black and Latino’s represented more than 80% of the stops. After reviewing the stats the City Council and the New York Police Department agreed that Local Law 30 wasn’t working how they thought it would and the law was too vague and…

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