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  • Subcatchment Essay

    account for inflow. 5.2.4 STORM SUBCATCHMENT DELINEATION The storm subcatchment delineation account for physical topography of the overland system, along with the influence of drainage features such as curbs, lot-grading and depressed parking lots. Preliminary subcatchments are delineated using automate tools which utilizes the DEM. The subcatchments are then manual reviewed to ensure accuracy and that the all residential roofs and front lots drain to the street in front. The subcatchment extents three (3) meter beyond the perimeter of the building layer. The assignment of roofs is also completed using an automated “Spider Tool” which assigns the roof to the appropriate system in front of the property. The assignment of roofs follows the rules…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Film Strangers On A Train

    happen. Bruno at this part of the film is trying to frame Guy by leaving Guy’s lighter at the scene of the murder. Bruno walks from the train going right to left which is an intentional motion in film that denotes antagonistic actions. Bruno at this point in the movie is considered by a majority of audience the antagonist while Guy is the protagonist. The next shot is Bruno still walking from right to left, but he stops at the crossroads on the track he’s about to pass. Bruno is at the…

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  • Storm Warnings By Adrienne Rich Summary

    Throughout the poem “Storm Warnings” by the Adrienne Rich, Rich examines the deep sense of alignment between storms in the physical state, and those that hold similar ties emotionally within ourselves individually. As the poem progresses through the stages of initially preparing for the onset of the storm, recognizing the immensity of the storm, and lastly taking a place of refuge to weather the storm. The poem continues to question and delve into the anticipation of the storm as well as the…

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  • A Farewell To Arms Weather Analysis

    Rain. Gloomy, cold, gray, dark. Snow. Glistening, white, light, fluffy. Reading each of these adjectives that describe both of the weathers make us feel either depressed or joyful. Who knew just reading a couple of adjectives could change how we feel? Well literature sure did! The use of weather in literature is found to either set the tone of a book, describe a character, or foreshadow an event that could occur. One author in particular who took enormous advantage of weather was Ernest…

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  • Analysis Of Lars And The Real Girl

    Lars and the Real Girl. (The Lake Scene) One prodigious technique that I have established in this limited scene is Pathetic Fallacy, in another definition, a Weather Metaphor. A clear example of this technique shown was when Gus has quoted “Is there a storm coming?”, and Karen has replied “the weather said no.” This showed me that there is a few overcast color’s involved in this scene, such as Grays and Blacks. Gray is a cool, neutral color but is also a moody color associated with being dull,…

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  • Crime And Punishment Weather Analysis

    In our reality, storms are violent, turbulent and windy collections of forceful power. In writing, they are a strong and substantial metaphor for a feeling or situation with all the destructing and dominant force of a storm. In Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” there are many different aspects of stormy weather packed into the novel, each one specifically expressing something explicit to its subject. These stormy metaphors and similes show that Dostoevsky shows the somber chaotic…

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  • To Autumn, By John Keats

    The leaves are falling while the wind rustles through them. The sounds of cars passing by and people rushing into buildings due to the cold-chilled air. In the poem To Autumn by John Keats, John Keats uses imagery to describe how the season autumn represents the early stages of life. Then towards the end, John Keats also uses imagery to represent the ending or death. Although John Keats uses imagery to describe autumn, John Keats uses the imagery elements to show the progression of autumn and…

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  • Weather Disasters: Land Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

    deteriorates. The aftermath of a hurricane creates many changes to the land, these alterations, for many circumstances create an everlasting distress to that soil. Close to 90 percent of the city of New Orleans was flooded, some parts of the city under 20 feet of water, this brought concerns of West Nile, mold, and high endotoxin levels (Frank, 2015). Not to mention the permanent transformations a hurricane can have on forests and green spaces. The storm not only destroyed homes, businesses,…

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  • Why Tornadoes Are Bad

    Why are storms so dangerous and damaging? There are many storms out there that are bad, like hurricanes, thunder storms and tornadoes. They all can be damage, hurricanes can flood a town in seconds. A thunderstorm can ruin electricity with the lighting, and tornadoes and destroy your home in seconds. Tornadoes can be the worst in many ways, with there strong winds, how big they are and how they can pop up so fast. The reason or part of the reason they can be so dangerous is because of the shape.…

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  • Middle American Hurricane Effects

    Middle America is a prime spot for hurricanes. Countries located inside of Middle America become victim to these tropical storms every year. There have been different storms that have affected the people of Middle America greatly. On November 24th, 2016, while American’s were busy celebrating Thanksgiving, the people of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama and other surrounding countries were preparing for one such storm, Hurricane Otto. Hurricane Otto was a terrible storm that had multiple short…

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