Strange Fruit

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  • Symbolism In Strange Fruit, By Billie Holiday

    The man behind "Strange Fruit" is a man from New York City named Abel Meeropol. In The Guardian news article by Caryl Phillips He says, "Meeropol was motivated to write the poem after seeing a photograph of two black teenagers, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, who had been lynched in Marion, Indiana on August 7 1930. Their bodies were hanging limply from a tree" (Phillips 5). Harold heft says in The Jewish Daily Forward, "The poem “Bitter Fruit” was first published in the union journal The New York Teacher, though widely and incorrectly believed to have been published in the Marxist publication The New Masses" (Heft 5). Meeropol had graduated from Dewitt Clinton in 1921; he later went on to teach English there for 17 years. He was also a poet and a social activist, Meeropol was disturbed and upset about the continuation of racism in America, and seeing a picture of a lynching put him over the edge. A man named Pelison Who wrote about Meeropol writes "Meeropol once said the photograph "haunted" him "for days." So he wrote a poem about it, which was then printed in a teacher’s union publication". Even though an amateur composer, Meeropol also set his words to music. He played it for a New York club owner who had later given it to Billie Holiday. When Holiday decided to sing "Strange Fruit," the song reached out and touched the hearts of millions through even…

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  • Analysis Of Billie Holiday's Song 'Strange Fruit'

    first heard Billie Holiday sing Strange Fruit, I was immediately saddened by her tone. It instantly gripped my attention because she started the song off referring to a “strange fruit.” This reference automatically made me listen closely to see what “fruit” she was speaking of. The next line talked about blood on the trees’ leaves and roots which instantly stirred up feeling of sadness. This song describes the lynching of African Americans in the South. I asked myself, what could a man possible…

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  • Strange Fruit Analysis

    What kinds of fruits emanated to your mind when the word ‘strange’ comes before it? In the song “Strange Fruit” the singer of the song sings about some rather strange fruit. The singer is an African American, female Jazz singer called Billie Holiday. “Strange Fruit” was released during 1939 in the time where segregation was still pretty big in the south. Lynching had been happening for a few years before the song was released. While definitely a way to dehumanize African Americans, which is…

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  • Strange Fruit: Poem Analysis

    “You see there’s leaders and there’s followers/but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower” (14- 15). A lyric from “New Slaves” is able to depict that even after the abolishment of slavery; we are still slaves to consumers. "Strange Fruit" by Lewis Allan was written in 1939. This song depicts the harshness and brutality the minorities dealt with at the time when slavery was most evident. Numerous years later, Kanye West came out with a song title "New Slaves" in 2013. This song draws connections…

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  • Strange Fruit Song Analysis

    Many songs throughout history have tried to help correct wrongdoings or educate the world about those wrongdoings. An example song really hits me hard is “Strange Fruit” most notably song by Billie Holiday. The story behind the song starts in Indiana in 1930. Three black men were in the county jail and awaiting trial for the death of a white man and supposed rape of his girlfriend. A mob gathered outside of the jail. The mob tried to get into the prison using sledgehammers. Eventually, the mob…

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  • Song Analysis: The Jazz Age

    listeners because they felt like she wasn’t able to go back to what she once was. She recorded her final album in 1958. Holiday went through many struggles throughout her lifetime which eventually lead to her tragic death in 1959. Her legacy lives on to this day through her music and her influence on the Jazz world. “Strange Fruit” “Southern trees bear a strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black bodies swingin ' in the Southern breeze Strange…

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  • Strange Fruit Primus Analysis

    Strange Fruit; a solo first performed in 1945, was created by a woman named Pearl Primus. She was in a dance company that encouraged her to address social issues through movement. The soloist performing Strange Fruit in a woman who is witnessing a lynching. Ms. Primus was reflecting on the struggle of black share croppers in the south. The message and purpose of this piece is clear. I am sure during its time it must have caused a stir in the audience. Even today I think it would cause discussion…

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  • Strange Fruit By Lillian Smith Analysis

    The novel, Strange Fruit written by Lillian Smith is about an interracial relationship between an African American women named Nonnie Anderson, and a white man named, Tracy Deen. This relationship started when they were young kids who began to grow into two strong lovers. Unfortunately, in the 1920 's there were strong racism against African Americans, which affected the southern town Maxwell, Georgia and the people around it. Conflicts suddenly arise for Nonnie and Tracy 's secret relationship…

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  • Song Analysis Of Kanye West's Strange Fruit

    Over the years, Kanye West has used his music to create a message to represent his culture with different songs. Through his song “Blood on the Leaves,” he adapts Lewis Allan’s poem “Strange Fruit” to add a modern and personal twist while also thinking of the past. West’s lyrics read “we could’ve been somebody,” explaining his thoughts about the population of African Americans that don’t receive a fair chance at becoming something, because of race and cruelty. In the later part of the song, West…

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  • Strange Fruit: An Overview Of Lynching In America Analysis

    Written by Tameka Hobbs, “Strange Fruit: An Overview of Lynching in America” goes into very explicit detail regarding the inhumane, callous, and deplorable treatment that black people faced and encountered during most of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. The main topic which is discussed in the chilling article is the act of lynching, which are basically punishments that are created by a community of people who decide to act independently from the court of law’s general judicial…

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