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  • The Importance Of The Anthropocene

    there is an Anthropocene epoch, we still live in the time period referred to as the Holocene epoch which began 11,700 years ago. There have also been arguments by scientists who suggest that the population of humans has grown so rapidly as to increase the control over the earth’s systems that we should call the current epoch the Anthropocene (Monastersky, 2015, p.145). Yet, confirmation of the said change in the earth will be the deciding factor as to if there is actually a human-caused geological time division. According to Monastersky, the past century of time would still be less than a millimeter thick in the stratigraphy of the earth’s rocks (Monastersky, 2015, p.147). Therefore why give something a name that has only few evidence, if that, and that points more toward the future? In other words, we should wait until there is a significantly think layer of stratigraphy on the earth in order to name it so we do not want to do anything…

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  • The Importance Of Existance Of Lake Malawi

    Sequence II depicted by previous lake level underlying an unconformity and sequence III being the oldest and deepest (Crossley, 1984, Scholz, 1995, Soreghan et al., 1999) . I. Tukuyu-Karonga basin stratigraphy It is one of the basins in north and northeast of Lake Malawi and is useful in understanding the geology of the area; figure 2.3 shows the stratigraphy of the central, eastern and western region of the basin. Precambrian period contains metamorphic rocks while Neogene age contains muddy…

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  • Geologic Time Periods

    millions of years while others, like the Holocene, have covered far less than that. The length and division of the period on the time scale depend on the extent of changes to the Earth, as well as the presence of spikes in GSSP. Following a catastrophic event, the Earth’s surface and processes significantly change, therefore signaling the beginning of a new period. For the anthropocene, the presence of a catastrophic event may be lacking, but there are substantial changes in certain places.…

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  • The Appalachian Basin

    The exploration process of the Appalachian Basin consists of drilling resources from the basin. Expectations of natural resources available below must be studied prior of exploration. Stratigraphy and geologic location go hand and hand here. Regulations within location need to include aspects of site preparation, quality output of the gas, yield output of resources, data processes, and how restoration can be done in the overall process. Mineral rights have generated a growing ownership argument.…

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  • Looting In Peru

    archaeologists at dig sites once looters discover them. 2) I selected the case of Loma Negra, a northern Peru cemetery site located in the Pirua Valley. Looted in 1969, most of the artifacts found at Loma Negra are made of sheet metal, and archaeologists now believe they belonged to either the Moche or Vicus cultures. However, without archival context, archaeologists are unable to identify the objects further. With no organic material, the objects cannot be radioactive carbon dated, and with…

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  • Beach Morphology Report

    well. During this time, it was observed that the waves were at 1.5 feet and coming in head on with a wave period of 1 second. Beach Profile At 1530 hours, using standard profiling equipment, we started to measure the profile of the beach. Starting at the primary facing dune we used the standard profiling equipment to take measurements every five feet to measure the elevation and the horizontal distance until the swash zone was reached. Once the data was collected it was graphed (figure 1.)…

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  • Granite Formation

    In the cross section of the land mass Vicunia there are sixteen identifiable layers. As we reconstruct the history of Vicunia we can also recognise distinct geological events that have occurred, which allow the layers of Vicunia to lie as we now observe them. Many of the layers contain fossils that have been dated to certain prehistoric periods; this allows us to apply a time scale to the deposition and construction of these layers. We can use the principles of geology and the principles of…

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  • Ime N. 502 Hydrophoros Analysis

    Specifically, for fired clay an absolute method of measurement that could have been used is called thermoluminescence dating, which is dependent on an object being fired to date as extreme exposure to light resets the amount of thermoluminescence contained by substance and after the item is buried the amount of thermoluminescence begins to rebuild (Price 2015: 1). It also could have been dated using a relative form of dating such as using the stratigraphy of the site it was found on if the…

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  • Solutringian Theory

    For one, according to The New World’s Earliest People; Tests Hint Campsite is 15,000 Years Old evidence found at the Topper, Meadowcroft, and Cactus Hill dig sites dates back 12,500 years ago, older than the Maritime and South Pacific/ Atlantic Theories. Also, an article from states that archaeologists Lynn and Joseph McAvoy found charcol from a fire pit, preserved under the Clovis layer of the Cactus Hill dig site. Using…

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  • Raton Basin Essay

    The Raton Basin In this paper the coal system of the Raton Baton basin will be analyzed and broken down into sections that include, structure and stratigraphy, coal quality, igneous intrusions, coal-bed methane, and the hydrocarbon production within the basin. The purpose of analyzing the Raton Basin is to understand coal diagenesis and the aspects of the basin that affect coal quality and production. Information for this paper has been gathered by several reports published by the United…

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