Strategic Communication

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  • Strategic Communication

    Strategic communication is the ability to understand and utilize the essential communication skills in any business and professional settings. In the light of fluctuations in world business, communication skills play a key role toward a successful professional development within organizations. Consequently, any organization that does not strategically communicate to its customers and employees will more likely not survive. The recent revolution in technology has opened more doors and opportunities for companies, no matter how big or small, to advance their performance and improve their communication skills. Modern technology has been generally able to add extra value to companies’ operations and communication skills. Therefore, businesses nowadays…

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  • Major In Strategic Communication

    community, but members of many globalized communities, our personal and our organization’s communication skills will continue to evolve and expand in many different channels, many of which have not been invented, but may well be in use in the next five years. After careful thought and exploration, I chose to major in Strategic Communication because I realized the amazing and personal impact, communication has on both an individual and a business. To be a successful strategic communicator in…

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  • An Introduction To Strategic Communication Analysis

    The article An introduction to strategic communication, by Gail Fann Thomas and Kimberle J. Stephens, discusses the emerging style of communication known as strategic communication. This is a relatively new branch that is being studied, lying somewhere on the crossroads of management strategies and communication. There is much disagreement on the definition and boundaries of this field of study, so the article instead chooses to explore it by using three lenses: strategy, communication theory,…

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  • Assignment 1: Key Components Of A Strategic Communication Plan

    Key Components VALUE Business impact if not approved Strategic Communications Plan Ensure one clear, credible, strong and loud voice in the market. Communicate a concise and consistent value proposition and ensure messaging cadence, consistency across all markets. Provide strategy, messaging direction to cross-functional team including Regions and Corporate Functions such as Marketing, PR and Product. Risk of disparate goals, priorities and messages across the 19 markets. Lack of brand…

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  • The Role Of US Military In Strategic Communication

    The U.S. military plays an instrumental supporting role in strategic communication, primarily through information operations, public affairs, visual information, and defense support to public diplomacy. The PECOM and especially the case of Philippines, where they actively engage with Philippine’s military and civilians should be focused maintaining support of the relevant population to the US mission and the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. Therefore, an effective IO based on…

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  • Four Models Of Organizational Communication

    Introduction Organizational communication is defined by Eisenberg, Goodall and Trethewey (2014) as “the interaction required to direct a group toward a shared goal” (p. 4). Communication is one of the most vital pieces of success for people and organizations. Communication is how information is shared amongst individuals, allows people to interact with one another, and can lead to a better understanding of organizing (Eisenberg et al., 2014). In the following sections I will discuss the four…

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  • Searle's Theory Of Speech Acts: A Subfield Of Pragmatics

    means to resolve interactional problems, to negotiate meaning, to stay in the their attempt to explain CSs, Faerch and Kasper (1983) elaborated a psycholinguistic framework where they located CSs in a general model of speech production divided into a goal, a plan and an action (or execution) to reach the goal. Thus, they view CSs as potentially cognizant plans for solving what to an individual presents itself as a problem in reaching a communicative goal, Faerch and Kasper (1983). This…

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  • Communication Barriers In Healthcare

    resistance. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN In healthcare, implementing a communications plan help sites, programs and services set priorities and focus on resources where they are needed most. If a plan is not created, there is a risk of circulating important information that is confusing, conflicting or unclear. The communication plan will be used a guide whenever HCHHA is communicating with the public, internal and external stakeholders, and partners. The internal stakeholders will include the board of…

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  • Why Did I Choose The Path Of Public Relation And Communication Studies

    did I choose the path of Public Relations and Communication Studies? Why did I choose the path of Public Relations and Communication Studies? Growing up in a disadvantaged community and a developing country like my country Ethiopia, I had always pondered what I would be when I grew up. I saw that many children were affected with different problems and illnesses that were easily preventable. I identified myself with the struggles present in developing countries. Though these issues seem…

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  • Annotated Bibliography On Public Relations

    Annotated Bibliography Public Relations and communication in the workplace are key elements for prosperity in any organization. This document highlights and addresses communication and public relations practices utilized in Business Communication. First, the authors examine communication in cognation to innovation and ingeniousness. Second, the suggestions that communication, and public cognations should manage to establish themselves as self-standing disciplines. Conclusively, an…

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