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  • Philippines Assimilation

    The ILWU won the fight against a narrow and sectarian racial unionism. However, the HSPA imported 6,00 more Filipinos’ from the Philippines to break the strike., Between 1946-1958 each planation workers went on strike, which lasted between four to ten months. After the strike, Filipinos were under the ILWU and started to increase their alcohol intake (Alegado, 1991). When the ILWU witness the Filipinos becoming an alcoholic, they set up a sophisticated system that organized social and recreational activities to keep the Filipinos and other racial division into a greater solidarity union (Alegado, 1991). With the help of ILWU Filipinos’ were able to emerge their ability and played a big role in becoming members of the Democratic Party, which led them to stay in…

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  • Annexation In The Philippines

    country and makes it a territory. The Philippine Islands are one example of annexation. In 1898, the United States went to war with Spain. As a result, America took many Spanish colonies into their care, the Philippines being one of them. America gave independence to some countries, while annexing others. The Philippines were annexed and great anger arose among the Filipino people and some Americans. It is widely debated whether or not the Philippine Islands should have been annexed. There are…

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  • Philippines Culture Analysis

    Analysis of the Republic of the Philippines In the South West Pacific, lie a small group of islands known as the Philippines. It is a country that has been molded by the influence of many other cultures, leaving it with a rich diversity of values and beliefs spreading throughout all the islands. The location and terrain of this country have also greatly affected how the society has evolved. In order to have a better understanding of this country’s culture, all aspects must be examined in order…

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  • Reasons For The Annexation Of The Philippines

    333 years Spain controlled the Philippines as of her colonial Empire. The Pilipino people made multiple attempts to free themselves. They failed. In January 1889 the USS Maine was ordered to Cuba to protect US interests. On February 16th 1889, shortly after her arrival, the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor killing over 250 men. The US was quick to blame Spain for the explosion. US citizens were whipped into an Anti-Spanish hysteria. Despite President McKinley’s desire to avoid war, the yellow…

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  • Importance Of Lifestyle In The Philippines

    Philippine lifestyle and Philippine most beautiful island One of the most beautiful places in the Philippines and in the world is El Nido, Palawan. El Nido is made up of about 45 small tropical islands about 1 hour and 35 minutes flight time from Manilla. The quickest route to El Nido is to fly direct from Manilla into El Nido airport. El Nido is on of the most beautiful, natural and magical places in the world. It is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches with clear warm tropical waters.…

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  • Aquino's Corruption In The Philippines

    fervor of her campaign somewhat reversed themselves. In addition to the above policy positions which she made which notably did not help the Filipino people, she herself soon capitulated to the same system of corruption and deception which caused the Filipino people to suffer. During the 1988 congressional elections, “Aquino’s party…scored overwhelming victory” (Kreof 637) in both the Senate and the lower house, sweeping the ruling body of the Philippines neatly. Initially, “an international…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In The Philippines

    material culture and technology. One country whose culture we need to understand for possible future engagements is the Philippines. They may become an adversary to the United States in the near future and it is imperative the U.S maintains its…

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  • Care Workers In The Philippines

    older people. Care workers enter or stay because of cash, including wages, adoration, and duty to customers (Howes, 2008)”. “Migrant workers from nations like, the Philippines, who were utilized on work licenses for senior consideration laborers, gave a more retainable wellspring of persevering forethought laborers (Shutes and Chiatti, 2012)". Laborers need to be rationally and physically solid with a specific end goal to make due in the…

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  • DBQ Philippines Dbq

    after the war, the United States had several colonies fallen into their care. One of those colonies were the Philippine Islands. There was also Cuba but the United States wouldn’t keep Cuba. When it came to the Philippines though, the Americans didn’t know exactly what to do with them. The United States annexed the Philippines on February 7th, 1899. The Philippines didn’t want that though. It was wrong that the United States had annexed the Philippines because, first of all, the Filipinos were…

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  • Political Revolutions In The Philippines

    and the importance of respecting human rights, countries, like the Philippines, were able to overcome their ruthless leaders by generating nonviolent movements, eventually resulting in the end of communism. With the influence of the media and the Catholic Church, the Filipino community successfully eliminated the infamous dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, by relying on independent organizations such as JAJA and NAMFREL, and civil disobedience campaigns.…

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