Annexation In The Philippines

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Annexation is when a country takes over a smaller, weaker country and makes it a territory. The Philippine Islands are one example of annexation. In 1898, the United States went to war with Spain. As a result, America took many Spanish colonies into their care, the Philippines being one of them. America gave independence to some countries, while annexing others. The Philippines were annexed and great anger arose among the Filipino people and some Americans. It is widely debated whether or not the Philippine Islands should have been annexed. There are many reasons why the Philippine Islands should have been annexed, including the need for a stable government for a war-torn country, keeping the weak country from being taken by oppressive countries, …show more content…
In 1898, the Philadelphia Press published an image called ‘Ten thousand miles from tip to tip’ [Doc E]. The image shows a large Bald Eagle with wings outstretched over half of the globe. The Bald Eagle, the American emblem chosen in 1782, symbolizes freedom, life, and strength. The cartoon argues that American strength will shield and protect smaller, more helpless countries. Such protection would be needed against the anarchy of self-rule and the danger of oppressive countries. The pro-Imperialist Americans believed ‘Providence’ had given them the Philippines to “save… for liberty and civilization.” [Doc B]. The barbaric Filipinos, as many Americans believed needed education and Christianity to thrive. McKinley, after stating that leaving the Philippines to Spain, then France or Germany, then to self-rule was not possible, says that “there was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them” [Doc D]. Many believed it was America’s right to teach the Filipinos to adapt to white culture. Although the ‘white man’s’ way of life was new, the method by which they changed their society was not new to America. In 1879, the Carlisle Indian boarding school was established with the motto ‘Kill the Indian, Save the man’. The Americans believed in white superiority, and saw other nonwhite countries as in need of help to be civilized, and therefore believed it was their duty to civilize the Filipinos. Although this way to govern the Philippines was disliked in the country, it set up a system that would prevent

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