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  • Aristotle's Four Causes In Science

    Aristotle’s Four Causes in Science Explanation is basic human nature. It began as a way to pass blame onto another person, then onto God or gods. This changed with the ideas of Archimedes of Syracuse. Archimedes was a mathematician, physicist, and inventor who was responsible for the discovery of buoyancy and the invention of both the siege engine and screw pump. After his discoveries, the popular view on explanation was modified. Instead of divine powers intervening in the world, people realized that natural objects and forces were the cause of certain occurrences. Aristotle, a philosopher and scientist, believed that there were four categories of explanation he called “causes.” The material cause is that from which something is made, the efficient cause is that by which something is made, the formal cause is that into which something is made, and the final cause is that for the sake of which something is made. Together, the answers to all four causes constituted “true knowledge.” According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, science is defined as the “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” In other words, science is the search for an explanation for why the world is what it is. Today, all four of the causes are useful to science considering it studies a concederably broad range of subjects, with more specific studies underneath its umbrella. The material cause is that from which something is made. It is…

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  • Symbolism And Philosophical Concepts In Herman Hesse's Siddhartha

    Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha affected me in a very meaningful way. I was immediately stricken by the illustrious and often multilayered text, but that was not what made this story so special. Even though I often had to read sections over and over to comprehend them, the symbolism and philosophical concepts were very enlightening to me. I do not think that you are supposed to just accept all the abstract ideas Hesse throws at you. Conversely, I think the reader should analyze the journey that…

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  • Herbert Kohl: A Historical Analysis

    meaningful when people think of historians. The teaching and learning of key historical concepts emphasize on historical knowledge and skills. Building on the work of Herbert Kohl, the concepts of history involves operating within the discipline of history, providing a focus for historical investigation, providing a framework for organizing historical information as well as having a guide for developing historical understanding. Therefore, this essay offers an exploration of the concepts of…

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  • Marcel Proust Concept Of Time

    Marcel Proust analyzed the concept of time, more specifically the perception of time held by any individual. Proust, having great interest in the philosophical work of Bergotte, set out to explore the perception of time in this particular work. Time and how it is perceived, appears fluid and flows, rather than being linear or a mere list of events and feelings that defined an individual’s life. The perception of others in relation to how memories weigh on a person is considered in this work as…

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  • Equality Of Opportunity Essay

    Political contestation is triggered by our human desire to make a sense of the complex reality, in which we live in trough conceptualization, therefore it cannot be the same for every political thinker considering we come from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. Political debate over concepts is a strenuous ideological and theoretical dispute over the use of concepts, the reason why they are so challenged, is contested itself. This essay will identify the main factors that contribute in…

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  • Nodding's Article: Why Care About Caring

    In Nodding’s text, “Why Care About Caring”, the concept of care is depicted in terms of its importance in the educational system. Care is referred to as a human’s basic necessity in life. The ideas of the fundamental core of caring, how it is applied and the relation to ethics are reviewed throughout the text. This is compared and contrasted to some of the problems that may arise. The author chose to separate the chapter into six important aspects of care including the fundamental nature of the…

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  • Theme Of Identity In The Fault In Our Stars

    Response to Literature: Identity in The Fault in our Stars The abstruse concept of identity is the pure essence of one 's being according to, not only him/herself, but the world around them. Perhaps the best thing about said concept is that it is not bound to restrictions and is ever evolving. Nowhere is the concept of personal identity more evident than in the novel, The Fault in our stars by John Green. The book portrays the love story of young Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, their doting…

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  • SWOT Analysis: Knowledge Check

    Environmental uncertainty deals with all kinds of hazards that are unpredictable—Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Japan, and so forth. 11.What technique would managers use when seeking to detect big trends and changing market conditions? A. B. Benchmarking Formal planning C. D. Contingency planning Environmental scanning Correct! Environmental scanning detects trends in the market. Some of the data collected might be competitor intelligence—to help anticipate what competitors are…

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  • Personal Theories Of Communication

    because our communicating style through the phone is not a synchronous process, I do not get to hear from him whenever I want to. We have to put in more effort and money if we want to see each other in person. Our communicating is not frequent due to proximity. Another concept to help illustrate my theory is interpersonal media. To communicate, we have to use media because we do not currently live in the same state. It is interpersonal communicating because it is between two people. The media,…

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  • Mere Definition Essay

    In the article, The Role of Definition, the author discusses how a mere definition can affect the way a student will interpret information. A definition can contain concepts that are difficult to understand and will hamper a student’s ability to learn. As math in the classroom progresses, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommends that the students create their own definitions of for mathematical terminology with the modification from a teacher. This is done to get the student to…

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