Theme Of Identity In The Fault In Our Stars

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Response to Literature: Identity in The Fault in our Stars
The abstruse concept of identity is the pure essence of one 's being according to, not only him/herself, but the world around them. Perhaps the best thing about said concept is that it is not bound to restrictions and is ever evolving. Nowhere is the concept of personal identity more evident than in the novel, The Fault in our stars by John Green. The book portrays the love story of young Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, their doting tale is like any other but with both their lives infused with cancer it is only inevitable for their love story to go from a serendipity tale to an ominous driven ending. The presence of identity and its evolvement throughout life is conspicuous in The fault In Our Stars, from character identity depicting congruity between disease and person, to person identity sans diseases and even the sense of identity dubiety in the adults of story.
Due to the story being a focus on cancer teens, the character’s identities are somewhat wrapped around their illnesses. At their first meeting Augustus asks for Hazel’s story and Hazel
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Augustus learns to take charge of himself and his personhood and realizes that although some diseases take over the mind, that is not always the case. Some of the adults in the book, like Hazel 's dad and Van Houten realize that identity isn 't solidarity with age. The book The Fault in our Stars, explores the nature of identity, from its connection with illnesses, without illnesses, to the idea of “evolved” or set identity. This book expels the idea of Identity resolving with age; however, it embraces the concept that one 's trials and tribulations define his or her identity and the extent to which one 's trials and tribulations are entangled with his or her

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