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  • Personal Narrative: My First Time Spent In Retezat

    Reflecting on our five days spent in Retezat, I cannot help but relish in almost every single experience since it was all so new to me. I had never gone on a hiking trip before, nor had I ever spent that much time in the wilderness being able to truly enjoy God’s creation. However, there were two moments that definitely stick out to me as I reflect on the journey: the first being our time at the summit of Peleaga and the second being the night that Paige, Janelle and I spent in the Salvamont cabana. I think these stick out the most because they were the only time where I could relax and be in the moment. At these times, I was no longer completely focused on the physical implications of the hike like my cold body or the worry of making sure I was taking the right step. These two experiences also provided me the space to reflect on moments throughout the trip in which I saw compassion and kindness of others. I feel as though the summit on day three was the epitome of the hiking trip for me. It is what I had been most looking forward to, and it was a concrete experience that was unlike the other days of purely hiking. Day three represented getting over the mountain, both figuratively because it was the third out of five days and literally because that is what we were doing. To me it meant I had survived up to that point and therefore, I knew that I would be able to push forward for the next two days. The summit also represented an experience that I never thought I would…

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  • Rocky Mountain Scout Ranch

    Last Summer Heather Youmans went to Cimarron, New Mexico to backpack through the wild. She went to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch ,“Born in 1938 as Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, today’s Philmont Scout Ranch is a bustling center for high adventure and training. Youth and adults take advantage of the Ranch’s camping, training and work programs.” ( She was spending 10 days in the backcountry without electricity and carrying her essentials on her back. Heather went on practice hikes…

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  • Far West Disadvantages

    After the Civil War, many people moved to the Far West due to its wet and lush territory, high mountains, flat plains, treeless prairies and great forests. These different societies that developed in the “Far West” included the Western Tribes, the Spanish, Chinese immigrants and white settlers. Firstly, the Plains Indians, the most powerful of the Indian tribes, adapted to the new environment of the Far West by hunting buffalo, which was a big part of their livelihood as they used it for their…

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  • Homesteading In Montana

    there to greet them with a wagon which would carry their belonging up to the ranch which was 6 miles from the river. Once they had got there and had everything settled in my great grandpa and his siblings went and explored with Old Red Boy. Other homesteads that were nearby was, the Bob Renz place which would be Nathan Hackley’s great uncle and the Colgan outfit which is Chris Colgan’s great grandparents. On their homestead they had a cook named Albert Stowe he was an old Civil War veteran for…

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  • Role Of Maria Mitchell In The Odyssey

    How can three different people from different times and backgrounds be the same? Maria Mitchell, Shane, and Odysseus are all heroes in some way. Maria Mitchell was the first independent woman to find a comment using a telescope. Shane came into a town and had to save the people who help him out. Odysseus went on many adventures to make it home after twenty years and take back his kingdom and wife. They do not seem to share many qualities, but they do. Before you can compare these heroes’…

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  • Speech On Stand Analysis

    things by standing up for what he believed in and what he wanted for himself, his boys, and his grandchildren when we came into his life. He made many decisions both good and sometimes, not so good. His belief was one bad day or bad decision does not define you. That is for sure. The way you cope with these situations make you who you are. If you can stand up and push through the bad, you will get stronger and life will get better. The metaphor “Life’s like a novel with the end ripped…

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  • Myth Of The Frontier Analysis

    One of the great mysteries of the modern world is why and how America became such an economic and democratic success. The most salient explanation for this distinctive economic and democratic success of America is the Myth of the Frontier. As debatably the lasting of American myths, with roots in colonial times and a commanding enduring presence in modern culture, the Frontier Myth instilled Americans with the ideas of the perennial rebirth, fluidity of life, new opportunities, and continuous…

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  • The Romanticization Of The West

    land proved to be a common problem for both. The conditions out in the Midwest were difficult, to say the least. The summers were harsh and dry and the winters were extremely cold. The land lacked nearby water and was not nearly as fertile as the land back in the East. For ranchers, this led to overgrazing land and a large portion of their cattle dying off in the winters in the 1890s (“Western Movement”). Ranchers were primarily located in Texas (Slatta); whereas, most Exodusters were led to…

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  • Ranching Essay

    are not a lot of benefits. Ranching is a low education job with little vacation time that a person must be devoted and have experience to do. In order to have a ranching career a person needs little education. This involves a high school diploma or something of equivalent value(Livestock Rancher:Job Description,Duties,and Requirements). However in order to be a foreman or someone higher up this will involve more education. Some ranchers even require a person to go to college to learn…

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  • Jessie Farrington Short Biography

    The dude ranch sparked her love for animals, especially horses. Once, on the way to the dude ranch, at the time is was a six hour car ride to get to Vermont from New York, she learned how to read. She was only four at the time and had only just learned the alphabet. Jessie also would go to a Jewish Charity Organization Summer Camp where her mother’s sister worked. It was at the age of seven that she learned how to swim from the head lifeguard during his lunch breaks. This sparked her interest…

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