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  • Reflection Paper On Hiking

    This class revealed to me that I have a hiking style. Something I never consider before. Some characteristics are: I found that I enjoyed hiking with a small group of people. I define a small group being less than four people. Large groups are difficult to organize and everyone has a different perspective or interest. Since I am female, it is important to have others there for safety. I think everyone should be around the same skill level. When part of the group is way ahead and the rest are behind, it makes it hard to communicate with the entire group. The group ahead always has to stop and wait for the others. I assume this impacts their experience negatively. I want to take in the outdoors and keep the conversation low and enjoying…

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  • Benefits Of Hiking With Kids

    20 TIPS FOR HIKING WITH KIDS AND GET FUN Cannot do hiking like your old days because you have kids now? No worries pack your backpacks and take your kids along with you. You can get more fun and enjoy your hiking life when you do hiking with your family. Kids love outdoor activities and hiking is one of the most popular for all ages. Hiking provides the best quality time to spend with your children at wonderful places and give them a chance to enjoy, love and respect the Mother Nature. To make…

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  • The Importance Of Hiking The Galaapagos Islands

    The Galapagos Islands is best experienced on foot. There are many hiking trails such as the Darwin Trail on Genovesa Island that lead visitors to the habitats of the extraordinary wildlife, the summit of extinct volcanoes and to some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons on the planet. Hiking the Darwin Trail Galapagos Is Birdwatcher’s Dream Hiking the Galapagos offers unprecedented contact with the wildlife that is rarely seen in the wild. A Galapagos Island cruise is your best option…

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  • Reflective Essay On A Hiking Journey

    Reflecting on our five days spent in Retezat, I cannot help but relish in almost every single experience since it was all so new to me. I had never gone on a hiking trip before, nor had I ever spent that much time in the wilderness being able to truly enjoy God’s creation. However, there were two moments that definitely stick out to me as I reflect on the journey: the first being our time at the summit of Peleaga and the second being the night that Paige, Janelle and I spent in the Salvamont…

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  • Personal Narrative Of A Hiking Trip In The Catskill Mountains

    In 2014, something happened to me that I will never forget! That summer, four of my friends and I took a hiking trip in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As I started to think about that trip, I found myself considering the incredible vistas and the great memories I made with my friends; but then I started to realize. The little moments on that trip, the ones that could have caused it to end in success or failure, really transformed it into such an incredible memory. As young teenagers we…

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  • The Importance Of National Take A Hike Day

    Blue Ridge cropped You tie your hiking boots in perfectly snug knots and gently stand up, brushing the pebbles off of your left knee. A deep breath of fresh air fills your lungs as your first step leads into the wilderness. The warm breeze smells like dirt, nature at its finest. Leaves crunch beneath your powerful feet and pebbles fling off the trail, scuttling to a slow stop. You march on. Thoughts of the office vanish from your mind and Thanksgiving stumbles in. Certainly, something you 're…

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  • My Attention Steps Of An Informative Speech: Who Cares Speech

    Who Cares Speech For my attention step of my Who Cares speech, I used pictures of my hiking trip so it would be easier to relate to. In addition to making it easier to relate to, it made it easier to understand the concepts I was talking about and how pretty the trails were. I also asked them if they had ever been hiking in Oregon so the audience could have a direct link to my topic. This made it even more effortless to relate and find a connection because all of the class lives…

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  • Describe A Picture Of Me

    somewhere standing next to a waterfall. I actually was hiking a temperate rainforest near Seattle, Washington. The other piece of information that is vague for the viewer is the weather. Even though it was a clear and sunny day at the moment, typical to Seattle’s weather, a storm was nearby. The temperature was colder than it looked because I was deep in the forest where the temperature dropped by at least 10 degrees. The final piece of information the viewer may not know is how many other…

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  • Narrative Essay About A Camping Trip

    Four ,sixteen year old, best friends arrange a camping trip during the summer,in a part of the woods they haven’t discovered yet, little did they know that this camping trip was going to change their lives forever.On the day of the trip, after Daisy’s mother drove Alex , Mark ,Marry and Daisy to the woods, they decided to start hiking before the sun sets. They kept stopping to take pictures as they enjoyed the mysterious forrest forest. After they take a two hour lunch break, they commence…

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  • Wild: The Journey Of The Wild By Cheryl Strayed

    have with her. When Albert, who she looked at in a fatherly way, pulled out a fat roll of condoms Cheryl was embarrassed and forced herself to put them in the “leave pile”. She realized she was the ridiculous one for that and it made her understand that she needed to not pursue a life of engaging sexually with men she barely knew. Albert helped lighten her pack and without any words helped her better herself. Cheryl also met a hiker named Greg who believed in her and told her she could keep…

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