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  • Perseverance In Penelope And The Suitors By Dorothy Parker

    Perseverance instills itself into individuals during stressful times. There are several references in the poem to Penelope’s perseverance both in her faithfulness to Odysseus and her performance of the duties of a traditional housewife over the twenty years her husband was away. The painting is a visually representation of this perseverance by showing Penelope intently concentrating on weaving the shroud while her suitors try and persuade her with music and gifts. The themes of perseverance, love, and loneliness are prevalent in many of the author and artist works. Both mediums are used to effectively to illustrate these themes but especially the theme of perseverance. Both the painting, “Penelope and the Suitors” by John William Waterhouse, and the poem, “Penelope” by Dorothy Parker, use the myth of Penelope to show that perseverance instills itself into individuals during stressful times. The poem “Penelope” was written by Dorothy Parker. The poem is related to the book, “The Odyssey” and describes the main characters wife, Penelope, as she waits for him to return. The tone of the poem can be describe as thoughtful but at the same time there is a feeling of longing. This can most likely be interpreted as Penelope longing for Odysseus’ return. This is shown in the lines, “I shall sit at home, and rock; Rise, to heed a neighbor’s knock”. These lines describe Penelope repeating her duties day after day with great care and attention. By analyzing the poem “Penelope” it can be…

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  • Deer Hunting Journey

    you ready”? I respond with “Of course” We hop in the now warm car and begin our drive into the hills. We get to our destination and slowly hop out of the car trying not to make a sound, grab our rifles and begin to walk. Walking…

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  • The Town Rush Case Study

    create a town belt, which had a positive effect on sustaining the green space around the city. The Settlers also took advantage of the hills beside the wetlands and reclaimed a lot of area in order to develop more flat land for the city. This had a negative impact on the environment because the landscape was dramatically…

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  • Essay On Stonehenge Memorial

    have it in a random, isolated location in the woods that are across the lake from my cabin which is an isolated area to begin with. I chose this location for more a joke factor in a sense because people would not expect this at all and a random person that stumbles upon it would be in awe with what they have just “found”. People may think that it is something signifcant from the past and/or holds great value to the past as well. They would potentially think that it is historic. It will be on a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Crash

    I rode the dirt bike safely and at a normal speed for five minutes and then me, my dad and my brother finally ended the trail. We were on the open area and just like the sign at the beginning said there were a lot of dirt hills everywhere. We figured out that we had about ten minutes left until we needed to start driving back to the car and then go home. So we decided to hang out around the hills and ride around on the hills. We did a few jumps and we were about to leave when I went way to…

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  • Pig # 4: A Narrative Fiction

    In the vast plains of Montana, full of grass as green and bright as an emerald with a few drops of dew after a rainy day, with rolling hills that go on farther than the eye can see and an infinite clear baby blue sky above it all, there was a little red barn. It was old and rustic, completely different from the other cheery and bright cottages in the tiny town of Wicksdale. It’s paint peeled off the walls a little bit more every day. It creaked and groaned with the gusting winds that accompanied…

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  • Enterprise Risk Management Planning

    Types of external considerations within Rutherford County are related to natural disasters, political disasters and macroeconomic shifts, including inflation, rate of growth, and unemployment. As a measure to offset natural disasters, we have relationships with other counties across the state coordinate efforts with our Emergency Management team. Indeed, the county 's mitigation planning efforts consist of local, state, and federal assistance. Unfortunately, there are few measures to plan for…

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  • Public Campaign Finance

    City-states of the ancient world were one of the first political entities with democratic governance. Part of the democratic process is authorizing individuals to make decisions, holding these individuals accountable, and for these individual to be responsive to the needs of the community (Pitkin, 1957). Today, cities have low levels of democratic participation that hold elected officials accountable and authorize them to have the power to make a decision. At the same time, a majority of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Visit To Poplar Hill Farm In Jefferson County

    nervous, and ready for this new adventure to make my first visit to Poplar Hill Farm, in Jefferson County, Mississippi. Who knew that this place in the backwoods of Jefferson County and I would have a love affair and that in a few years I would be asked to collaborate on a research project for the Poplar Hill School. Armed with hundreds of questions, anticipation and youthful curiosity, I was ready for this journey into the past. Open and receptive to all the stories, they were willing to…

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  • Pivot Table Report Observations

    Pivot Table / Chart Report Exercise There are four observations in the pivot table, and the one part of pivot table report is about the annual adult care facility, total number of census, SMI and SSI. The other part is about New York State Population, total population and total number of race and ethnicity distribution. The results that I received are come from the data Adult Care Facility Annual Survey and New York State Population. I use the pivot table or chart to get the observations. At the…

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