Deer Hunting Journey

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The Journey is Just Beginning
Every November My dad and I make a journey up to Nebraska for our annual deer hunting trip. Every year the same memories are pulled out and a remembrance of the year before comes rushing out.
The trip always starts in the morning. When the sun isn 't even up and the sound of fog and the earth sleeping come to ear. The cold engine on the car starting up and smoke storming out of the exhaust, and the feeling of a hot coffee in your hands to start the day. My dad looks at me eagerly and asks” you ready”? I respond with “Of course” We hop in the now warm car and begin our drive into the hills. We get to our destination and slowly hop out of the car trying not to make a sound, grab our rifles and begin to walk. Walking
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With adrenaline kicking in from spotting a deer I quickly move to a better position to get a better look. The challenging part is getting close enough for a decent shot. Sneakily I move laterally along the hill to attempt the chance of the deer not spotting me and the chance for a shot. Getting closer and closer I can feel my heart pounding like a drum. I am now close enough and the deer hadn 't spotted me. With my whole body shaking I find and tree and rest my rifle on a sturdy branch. I pull up the scope and bring the stock of the gun close to my ear. All the memories from when I was an 8 year old boy to now in the back of my mind. It all comes down to this I tell myself. I line up the cross arrows on the deer and breath in and out trying to calm myself down. I blow out a quick whistle to let the deer hear it so he can give me a full body approach. I pull the trigger and bam! The deer drops and excitement fills my heart. My dad must have been really close because he came running to the sound of the shot and met up with me. He asked me if I hit i.e. told him “yes it 's down at the bottom of the hill” He gives me a fist bump and we head together down the hill. We arrive at the destination on which the deer lied and pull out our knives to cut the deer open and remove all its guts, but that 's a whole other

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