Essay On Deer Hunting

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Deer hunting is a great sport I love the excitement and the rush that you get from an animal. I am always looking to improve on techniques for being quiet when the deer are approaching my stand I like to stand when a deer is coming than sitting down because it gives me more room and I can pull my bow a lot easier than sitting down. But some hunters like to sit down so they don’t scare the deer away, but I think it’s more of a challenge to do.

As a deer hunter there is a right time and a wrong time for standing up when you are in an treestand like for one reason it’s a risky maneuver when you are trying not to spook a deer when standing up. As a rule I don’t stand up as soon as I see a deer out of range instead I grab my bow and wait until
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But when you are walking in the woods you want to try and act like a deer by how they walk also hunters can do this by walking in a erratic stop and go pattern, but simply most easiest way is to just go with the flow because you will never have the same hunt. Deer are mostly accustomed to hearing squirrels running through the leaves and limbs falling from trees, but if a hunter goes out and doesn’t spray any scent on him to cover him up a deer will smell you from miles away and won’t come to your stand. Deer live in the wood twenty four hours, seven days a week they know what sounds are normal to them and what sounds are not if a hunter makes just the slightest noise of something slamming against metal when you are climbing up a stand the deer will get curious around their territory. Another thing that all hunters should do is not let your guard down because the minute that you do the biggest buck of your life could walk right past you and you didn’t get the shot off, but if you don’t let your guard down you have to be calm and quiet because when you see the big buck your adrenaline will kick in and your heart will be racing so much but everything can happen so fast in a blink of an

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