Personal Narrative Essay: My First Year Of Deer Hunting

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It was a brisk fall morning in November. I had woken up extra early just to make sure I could make it out to my stand before the sun would peek above the horizon. I’m not much of a morning person, so waking up can be a difficult challenge for me. Since it was just my first year of deer hunting, my dad had agreed to sit out in the stand with me just incase any trouble came about. I quickly brushed my teeth, got dressed in blaze orange from head to toe, grabbed some snacks, and began the journey out to the stand where I would be sitting for a while. My stand isn’t very far from my house so it’s not too bad of a walk but I do remember it being pretty chilly outside. On our way out I could feel my heart pounding already and I hadn’t even gotten …show more content…
Sadly, we couldn’t get a shot because it was still way too dark but it definitely got my adrenaline going. That was the exact moment I knew I was going to love hunting. When we finally got to the stand, I crawled up the ladder and sat down on the seat that my dad had provided for me, anxiously waiting for my time to prove that I really could be a hunter. I set my .270 in the corner and sat there patiently waiting for the sun to rise. Watching the sun rise over the horizon was breathtaking. The sky was a collage of reds, oranges, and yellows. Now that it was somewhat light out, I really had to start paying attention, which can be a very hard thing to do that early in the morning. Lets just say my dad had to make sure I was still awake several different times. It was very windy and pretty cold. I wasn’t having very much fun and actually started to regret the whole hunting thing. I knew I couldn’t give up that soon so I decided to sit it out until we had to go in to get some food in our bellies. We were hearing shots around us all morning. I thought for sure we would see a deer within no time, but we still hadn’t seen a …show more content…
I was definitely looking forward to feeling some warmth in my body. My toes and fingers felt like they could have froze off at any given moment. I was overjoyed to be in a heated house with breakfast on the table, ready for me to devour it. Once we got done with breakfast the boys started to head back to the stand, but I decided to stay in since we hadn’t seen anything that morning. My dad had told me that the best time to see deer was at dusk so I figured I could go out with him then.
During my off time from hunting for the day, I decided to go eat lunch with my mom since she’s not really into the whole hunting thing. We decided it would be nice to have a little bonding time. We went to go eat at Black Bear and ended up taking my aunt with us. After we finished eating, we decided to to do a little shopping since we were already in town. My dad called us while we were in jcpenny’s and asked if I was still planning on going out to hunt that evening. I almost said no, but boy am I glad I

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