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  • Hilton Hotel Case Study

    Company Profile Conrad Hilton founded the hotel in 1919. Dallas Hilton was the primary hotel to put up with the name Hilton in the year 1925. Hilton Hotel is one of the leading hotel brands in the world. It places importance on business and leisure time travel within the locations of the major cities on the globe. The hotel positions its business near airports and holiday resorts in popular destinations all over the world. The company has many partnerships with many airlines and car rental organizations in the major areas of its operations. In some of the hotels there are features like the executive lounges for Hilton honors Gold and Diamond members who are willing and are in capacity to pay for the executive rooms. Globally, there are 540…

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  • Hilton Hotels Economic Factors

    revolves around competitive forces. Hilton Hotels retain a position as one of the global leaders in the hospitality field as a part of the Hilton Worldwide web ten styles of…

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  • Communcation In The Hilton Hotel Group

    aim to discuss in detail the communcation within a hospitality organisation such as the Hilton Hotel group. Table of Contents Summary 2 Introduction 4 The Hotel 5 Informal and formal communication 6 Internal and external communication 7 Communication in or between departments 8 Communication with customers 9 Online presence 10 Conclusion 11 List of references and bibliography 12 Introduction Communication is simply the act…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Hilton Hotel

    quotes Hilton has aspiration to be not just good but to be the best in the world from my experience in this Hotel I was able to see that for every employee doesn’t matter if its General manager or receptionist the most important is always client I could see the way people were talking to costumers always trying to help them and resolve all the problems always with the big smile on the face just like I wish it should be if I was a guest.…

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  • Importance Of Hilton Hotel

    Consequently, the competition level was raising and the challenges were growing. Since the market demanded technically competent and culturally stable managers the BPM system helped to create a specific management training plan which helped to control the activity level with a feedback loop on the company’s output. (Frolick and Ariyachandra, 2006) Hilton Hotel’s Corp allocated its performance management by two main characteristics; strict system and matures methods of operation. On one hand,…

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  • Hilton Worldwide Case Study

    Hilton Worldwide is an American global hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, the corporation is now led by Christopher J. Nassetta, CEO and President. Currently Hilton Worldwide has a franchise property operating in Jamaica which is the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa, an all-inclusive family resort whose location boasts on the edge of Montego Bay and offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The resort offers…

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  • Sustainable Business Practices Of Hilton Hotels

    Nowadays, many popular and prestige organization from the smallest to the biggest are introducing the sustainable business practices, the luxurious Hilton Hotel for instance is one of the organizations that implemented the practices successfully. This paper will illustrate the various sustainable business practices of the Hilton Hotels. History Hilton Hotels and Resorts (in the past known as Hilton Hotels), originally founded by Conrad Hilton, is a global chain of full administration inns and…

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  • Leisure Sector

    In other words, tourism product cannot be always perishable, therefore if we pick our private organization (Hilton) cannot expect to sell the entire number of rooms available in the hotel every single day for 365 days a year. Depends on the season whether it is high or low season, in terms of affluence of tourists. Another point that it should be seen in this report is the threat of terrorism attacks that arise lately. (Beirman, 2003) suggest that for most international travellers, tourism is a…

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  • Pricing Strategy Used In Marketing: Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

    time. Product (Hilton Hotel) In order to fulfill everyone’s opportunity in the market, Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur operates other related services like accommodation, entertainment areas in the hotel. These kinds of areas are totally new for Hilton hotel. Hilton hotel Kuala Lumpur is a hotel that generates revenue by selling hotel rooms to the customers. Also there are some other…

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  • An Analysis Of The Hotel Convention And Meeting Spaces

    D’Rovencourt firmly believes the hotels convention and corporate groups are a main strength to the hotels profitable years. He mentioned to give me a tour of a meeting space as a visual to understand the large capacity of events, which can be held. His says he is constantly seeing hundreds of individuals booked to stay at the hotel because their event is held in their meeting space. He proudly mentions his hotel has the largest meeting spaces in the downtown Houston area. He as well though…

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