Hilton Hotel Case Study

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Company Profile
Conrad Hilton founded the hotel in 1919. Dallas Hilton was the primary hotel to put up with the name Hilton in the year 1925. Hilton Hotel is one of the leading hotel brands in the world. It places importance on business and leisure time travel within the locations of the major cities on the globe. The hotel positions its business near airports and holiday resorts in popular destinations all over the world. The company has many partnerships with many airlines and car rental organizations in the major areas of its operations. In some of the hotels there are features like the executive lounges for Hilton honors Gold and Diamond members who are willing and are in capacity to pay for the executive rooms. Globally, there are 540
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Revenue management and BAR rates is part of the web based PMS in Hilton Hotel. The web based PMS is used in automatic management, optimization processes such variable BAR rates, forecasting and classification of days without schedules in Hilton.
Web PMS is important in reporting and forecasting in Hilton Hotel. The managers can access numerous reports both in numerical and graphical form and can apply this to satisfy the most challenging needs in the organization (kimes,2011). For example, the daily reports from all the 540 branches worldwide can be summarized according to USAH, ADR and RevPAR analysis. The figures generated are used for forecasting and generation of the precise and fair prices.

Effects of implementation of web based PMS on Human capital, environmental, management and revenues in the
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Such companies manage the web-based Hotel PMS as the Cenium global. Large corporations and hotels are increasing the usage of this application. Implementation of the HPMS in Hilton hotel has significant impact on its performance. The cloud web based PMS provides flexibility and savings because the Management information system is used in large scale. On the other hand, the provider of the technology has exclusive control on the capabilities of the technology, and has made the hotel dependent on their service. However, there are some negative effects of Web based PMS on the revenues of Hilton Hotel. Open source software(OSS) is the key enabler of web based PMS, cloud adoption is enhanced by increasing the ubiquity of the Open source software. There are some costs associated with web based cloud technology in terms of storage, network bandwidth costs, the cost of applying for the technology in the providers and the central processing unit costs. These costs are accounted in each financial year therefore reducing the revenues of Hilton Hotel

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