An Analysis Of The Hotel Convention And Meeting Spaces

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Mr. D’Rovencourt firmly believes the hotels convention and corporate groups are a main strength to the hotels profitable years. He mentioned to give me a tour of a meeting space as a visual to understand the large capacity of events, which can be held. His says he is constantly seeing hundreds of individuals booked to stay at the hotel because their event is held in their meeting space. He proudly mentions his hotel has the largest meeting spaces in the downtown Houston area. He as well though shrugged and said the weakness this hotel faces is looking for tranquility. He sees an issue with brining in new business with how frequent massive convention groups come and stay with the hotel. I was intrigued to hear how often groups come and stay …show more content…
He reiterated since the meeting spaces booked for huge conferences are a large business, the sales department has offered a program called meeting planner points. He describes this program as the more you spend the more points you receive and the better perks the group receives. He provides an example that group who book at the hotel for the conference will receive a discounted rate just for choosing to book with Hilton rather than a third party. Furthermore, he then leads into the Hilton Honors loyalty program. He wasn’t sure the exact percentage the Front Desk was encourages trying and reaching each month. He guaranteed to find out the percentage and email me following the interview. He did express the benefits each tire of Hilton Honors member received. He was proud to clarify they are one of the few hotels who offer the highest tier, Diamond members, a physical card which is given at check in as a reminder to those members of all the benefits offered for being such a loyal guest. He mentions the most influential tactic his agents convince non Hilton Honor members to join is offering a complimentary upgrade if available. In addition, he mentions most guests enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi if they are Hilton Honors members as well as complimentary waters throughout the entire stay. I was impressed the better benefits larger companies such as Hilton Americas can offer for their guests. I

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